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(There's an occasional complaint about how at some airports in Canada, depending on layout, the lane minders attempt to bar access to the Global Entry machines because they claim you need a physical card, which is of course not true, especially given the fact that Global Entry members who aren't US citizens/permanent residents or Mexican citizens can't even get them in the first place. But this is a bit of a sidenote to your question.)
This. You do not need your GE card when traveling by air, only by land according to US CBP. I had this problem in Canada and I finally was allowed to go through the NEXUS lanes in Toronto after a brief (civil) argument with the Canadian version of TSA. I never carry my GE card with me as all the information is in my passport already (i.e. GE). The problem is they don't have passport/boarding pass scanners at the beginning of security for some reason, at least in Toronto. So if you don't have a physical GE card to show, they can't validate your claim to be GE/NEXUS. Super annoying.
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