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Originally Posted by andrewesque View Post
No, there are expedited security screening lanes that are separate from expedited US immigration/customs. If you pass through a CATSA Trusted Traveller lane (for which, as noted above, you'll need a physical Global Entry or NEXUS card) you can keep your shoes, belts and light jacket on and liquids in bags, though you have to remove laptops.

Then separately (though it usually immediately follows/precedes security screening depending on the airport layout) you can use the Global Entry machines for expedited entry, for which of course you don't need the card at all.

(There's an occasional complaint about how at some airports in Canada, depending on layout, the lane minders attempt to bar access to the Global Entry machines because they claim you need a physical card, which is of course not true, especially given the fact that Global Entry members who aren't US citizens/permanent residents or Mexican citizens can't even get them in the first place. But this is a bit of a sidenote to your question.)
At YYZ they ask to see the physical card for expedited security but never to access the GE machines at Customs.
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