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Originally Posted by oliver2002 View Post
The ranking of the 17 types (plus about 8 internal types) is listed here:

*G is above FTL. PCV is calculated using the prorated value of the ticket coupon for that segment and factored with the booking class and status. Altea also allows you marry two seperate travellers (note the value argument in the clip):

A glimpse of the ranking is at 2:20 in this clip:

The Altea DCS manual of DY is online in various web ressources if you want to read up.
Thanks for the info! I'll gladly read up on it.

Do you know if same day trips in F or J also factor into the PCV or is the PCV calcualted only flight specifically?

Specifically wondering since I'll be taking a Y flight but I'll have a same day F flight on a seperate ticket. My understanding is that this will not affect the PCV on the Economy flight since they are on seperate tickets. So on the Y flight I'll be graded as *G in Y (and not as F connecting pax) and on the F flight as *G in F. (not counting the cost of the flight now).
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