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Originally Posted by Nile_US View Post
I have a simple question (I will ask here as this is tagged as a wiki thread, if that's a problem, please move the thread to an appropriate location);

If I do a challenge before June 2019 (say a platinum challenge), the status will be valid till Jan 2020. But if I travel after I achieve Platinum and reach (say) EXP before December 2019, I will be EXP till Jan 2021. Am I correct?
The best place to inquire about a normal Challenge (as opposed to this targeted promo) is https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/amer...ge-2017-a.html. We may move your post and this one there after a bit.


In any case, you are correct.

A challenge begun before mid-June 2019 will provide status through January 2020.

(A challenge begun after mid-June 2019 will provide status through January 2021.)

If you fly sufficiently to earn Platinum, Platinum Pro or Executive Platinum during c/y 2019, that will provide status through January 2021.
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