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Originally Posted by Restil View Post
If it's absolutely necessary to travel with a child and the parent knows, from past experience, that there is a significant chance the child will not behave in a reasonable manner, then find an alternate source of transportation. Sure, a 24 hour drive across the country with a toddler might be an uncomfortable experience for you, but it will only be uncomfortable for YOU and not the entire complement of an airplane. Of course, there's nothing legally that prevents you from bringing a screaming baby or misbehaving child onboard a plane and annoying the crap out of everyone. So if that's your ONLY option, then go ahead and do it. Just be aware that it WILL upset other people, and if you're willing to live with that, so be it.
You're mistaken this is predictable. I hope for your sake that if/when you got a kid (if you don't already) that he/she is not only low maintenance but 100% predictable. And/or you don't have to travel with him/her much.

Going back on topic I agree nothing will happen. It could have gotten much worse, good it didn't escalate further.

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