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Originally Posted by q View Post
From E to F yesterday, first flight had enough delay so that a number of passengers (not me) were at high risk of missing their connection. They were given priority to disembark. When reaching the immigration check point between E and F, I noticed that these passengers ... who were off the plane ahead of me ... somehow ended up way behind, in what appeared to be the slower no-privilege queue. The priority queue had zero wait time. (Of course) I invited them to use the faster line ... knowing they were on a very tight connection ... but in my opinion the ADP person who was directing people to one line or another, was completely useless OR WORSE. This was at around 17h30 yesterday.
Actually, I do not think that passengers on a tight connection should use the priority lane. There should either be a dedicated short connection lane (as in AMS) or the "orange coats" should put these passengers at the front of the ordinary queue but priority lanes should be reserved to those whose ticket or airline status entitle them to use such lanes.
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