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Originally Posted by show_me_the_points View Post
Is the gravy train over? I've been churning this card for years and now am getting denials. Sometimes it said I was approved, but then I got letter saying it was a mistake and I was denied!

Is there some new strategy to getting approved, or is it all over?
Since you provided no details, it's hard to come to a specific conclusion about what your issue is. But in case you're not aware of the "new" reality, here it is:

Do not even attempt to apply for an Alaska personal card if you still have one open, or if you closed it "too recently" (like in the last couple days). BofA no longer lets most people apply for another Alaska personal card if they already have one (or more) Alaska personal cards open (or very recently closed).

Do not close any BofA card if you haven't already lowered the credit limit to as low as possible as long ago as possible. Credit limit that is still on a BofA card when it's closed is "locked up" (and not available to new applications) for over a year. Credit limit that you explicitly reduce becomes available within months (but we can't be more specific than that). So reduce credit limit as possible after getting the card, rather the only when you're about to cancel it.

We don't know if you also have to close your previous Alaska business card before applying for the next one, because most people are doing that "proactively" ("just in case"), and because we don't get that many datapoints on Alaska business card churning.

So the "gravy train" has definitely slowed down, since the above limitations mean some people who used to apply for many cars a year are now forced to only apply for 2 or 3 cards a year "in the right order". But it's not over for those who slow down and keep up with the changing rules (by reading this thread regularly, not just when they run into a problem).

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