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What are the rules and restrictions?
Cancellation penalties and stopover fees change from fare to fare and from country to country, although stopovers are usually Euro 200 each-way if you break your journey in London for > 24 hours. Also remember you need to factor in the cost of getting to your point of departure, and potentially the cost of a hotel if you are travelling too far to return in a day (e.g. Cyprus, Athens). lists budget airlines flying to all major cities, and may also be useful.

In general, you will see the rules are much more flexible for the equivalent fare bucket ex-UK.
First fares:
  • Unlimited free changes
  • Unlimited free stopovers*
  • No cancellation penalty
  • Return within 12 months

Club World fares
Again, taking the recent ex-AMS I7SALE fares, the rules are:
  • Changes charged at €300 each
  • Stopovers not permitted
  • Cancellation penalty - net fare plus carrier imposed charges
  • Return within 12 months

*A stopover is a transit of an intermediate point that exceeds 24hrs.
A neat trick for the Club fares – if you time your arrival into London and the departure of your long haul segment right, you can essentially have a free nightstop in London without having an 'official' stopover. For example, you arrive from AMS on a Monday at 21:15 and you can then book your long haul flight the next day (Tuesday) at any time up to 21:14 (< 24hrs) and it is NOT charged as a stopover. Book it for 21:15 or later and that'll be much more expensive fare please. Similarly, you can introduce overnight stays at intermediate connecting cities so long as your connections remain under 24 hours.

Note: BA seem to have clamped down on stopover rules, potentially in light of more widespread use of ex-EU fares. Check your fare rules carefully as lots of fares now limit you to a month’s stopover in the UK at most in either direction.

Upgrading Using Avios (UuA) & Gold Upgrade Vouchers (GUF)
A quick note on doing UuAs is that you can do these for exEU itineraries (or you can apply a GUF if you have any). The following restrictions for UuAs apply though:

Summary guide to bookings which can be upgraded with Avios:
  • BA issued tickets (can include other carriers)
  • TA issued (on BA stock) booking with only BA flights
  • TA issued (on BA stock) booking with other carriers
  • Tickets issued on non-BA stock

TA has to issue the ticket in the country of your BAEC membership as well. A BA Holiday booking (flights & hotel) is UuA'able and treated as a TA booking, so a booking including non BA flights could not be UuA'ed. Also a BA Holiday booking which was made using a TA can not be UuA'ed.

Note that even if booked direct with BA on a 125-... ticket you can't UuA BA marketed and AA operated flight. The BA flight must be both BA marketed and operated.

There is more information on UuA'ing TA bookings here.

Maximum Permitted Mileage
MPM is often specified for fares between two point essentially to stop you going a bit too crazy on the routing. For example a DUB-JFK fare may have a MPM which either prevents you or at least imposes hefty surcharges if you try and route to JFK via the west coast.

If you are interested in understanding this further here are some posts made by those in the know:

Dual Inventory Fares
These new DIF fares have appeared from around mid-2016. They are a new type of fare to BA which effectively is almost like a POUG except the cost of the upgrade is included in the booking. They seem to be appearing mostly when purchasing WTP seats, and need inventory in both an economy and premium economy booking class. There have been difficulties with the fare mostly around attempting to upgrade in to CW using a GUF or by UuA. There is more discussion in the linked post

Why can't I find this fare on ITA Matrix?

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