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Originally Posted by ijgordon View Post
Ah, okay, makes sense, they just reach out a week before the flight.
That's right. However it's a boring and impersonal contact that does nothing to give the customer any more information than most would already know. Apart from the La Premiere line number it just contains links to areas of the website many customers would already have looked at prior to booking.

I'm not personally bothered since I've read plenty of threads about the experience on here and elsewhere but I do wonder if the La Premiere customers should be receiving something a bit more personal, i.e. what to expect at each end of the journey. For example; my flight starts at Manchester in J - what happens at MAN? What happens when disembarking at CDG? What to expect at HND on arrival? What to expect on check-in at HND (and what lounge) for the return in P? Etc... Now I *think* I know but I'm not entirely sure - especially at HND.

I am excited about the trip (as all my friends know - and are fed up of hearing!) and am sure it'll all be smooth and a fantastic experience E2E but the so-called personal email is a bit of an empty balloon.
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