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Originally Posted by aww3583 View Post
Yep. Sitting on the Tarmac in PNS.

Rushed to board at 2:30pm. Taxied til 2:35pm. Pilot came on and said ATC delay until 320pm.

3:10pm were making our way back to the gate because some people want off.
Well, that sucks. Are you on Flight 1270, which was supposed to depart at 2:27? Delta's website is showing it with an estimated 6:56 PM departure and 9:00 PM ATL arrival. (The website also shows that the ATL to PNS leg, scheduled for a 1:25 PM departure, didn't actually get out of ATL until 5:06 PM.)

Even worse for OP, flight 1814, the 4:21 PM PNS departure, left at 4:26 PM and got into ATL at 7:11 PM.

Atlanta had a nasty round of thunderstorms come thru at about noon today, followed by another round that started at about 4:30 PM and is starting to wind down now at 7:45.... to me, it looks like 1270 got caught by both storms while 1814 missed both.
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