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Originally Posted by skywardhunter View Post
Let's move past the 2-3-2 and focus on the other stuff hinted at in the article:

Fully leather will be interesting, potentially quite nice, compared to the current fabric, but I always worry about sweating on leather seats. Though the first class seats do quite well here. The HDMI port is an interesting additiion and I'm curious what the thinking is here. Will there be an actual HDMI cable to pull out and plug in or are they expecting people to carry an HDMI cable with them. And to use it would one need to have the laptop open in front on the tray table?

The mini bar also interesting as on the 777s currently there is no such concept
The HDMI port I expect will be similar to the newest generation IFE that is already deployed on the fleet - 1x fully powered USB port as part of the power socket panelling (thus likely independent of the IFE system) and one interface panel with 1x USB and 1x HDMI slot; basically, bring your own cable.

The mini bar concept is overrated imho - it's just a glorified space to put cans and bottles (not even refrigerated). I'd rather put my own things there.
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