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Originally Posted by dhuey View Post
Drawbacks either way. Landside means you either leave the lounge earlier than you'd like to be sure you get through security on time, or you roll the dice. Airside makes it more hassle than it's worth if you're flying out of a different terminal.

I think airside T3 is the best option. That's airside access for about 40% of the gates at SFO (T3E, T3F and International-G). I notice that the Centurion Lounges at LAS and DFW are airside.
I also think airside is the better option. Even if it's landside, I doubt it would get heavy use from folks flying out of T1/T2/A. Seems like a lot of hassle to switch terminals unless you have time to kill and don't mind a lot of moving around. And if such passenger is willing to go through all that, he or she may also be willing to clear security an extra time.

In addition, airside is actually more convenient for T3/G connecting passengers in SFO who are already airside but never landside. So airside has other benefits beyond those you note.

That said, the best option is LH FCT style: airside AND landside. But that would require CAS setting up shop in the lounge.
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