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Originally Posted by JWEMTX View Post
Yep, I'd say it was rigged.

"Fact, bears eat beets..." - Jim Halpert
I think there was a lot of editing going on too. They don't want you to guessed the result so they played the worst comments about the person who was safe. I think a kid challenge in Top Chef Master is kind of dumb. I don't think any of the top dishes were actually great. These are master chefs, they should be taking a bad ingredient and make it a star and taste great. But instead, most of them were trying to hide it or use so little of it so you cannot taste or see it at all. I think Brian has the gut to actually take beet and try to feature it and make it kid friendly. I saw him and his brother on Top Chef, but after watching him in Top Chef Master, I really want to go try out his restaurant.
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