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to Donali - bizarre that khan is better than top 2 suites

(comparatively) aman are small with high rates, so designed to have low occupancy. no clue what the target is.

theyve been sold out well the past 2 NYE >

finances (in
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(there were breakdowns for individual resorts, but i wasnt sure i could figure it out)

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thai occupancy just keeps dropping, especially FS. just looked at the owner's financials. makes me curious how low amanpuri, trisara, MO are. certainly interesting trisara rates continue to creep up, while amanpuri did massive discount.
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i assume the labour costs were a part of hotel bora bora's issues as well. i cant entirely understand DLF's financial reports, but it seems like hotel bora bora had a ton of debt. closing it doesnt service it, but i guess operating costs were still too high? presumably the financing is all private/internal.

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