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Luxury Hotels Forum "Presidential Suite Lounge" -- All Welcome!!

Luxury Hotels Forum "Presidential Suite Lounge" -- All Welcome!!

Old Dec 2, 09, 2:51 pm
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Luxury Hotels Forum "Presidential Suite Lounge" -- All Welcome!!

This is a project I had wanted to work on for quite some time -- I originally broached the subject with the Moderators before I became one myself. In fact, I had wanted to start this thread as my 5000th post. With the blessing of the obscure2k and ralfkrippner I am now creating this Lounge thread.

I had seen these on other boards and had wanted to see one like this on the Luxury Hotels forum. My intention for this Lounge thread is two-fold:

1. It is meant to be like a Community hub where new members to the forum can come to introduce themselves and to get to know other members.

2. It is meant to be a place where topics generally related to Luxury hotels and travel, but not specifically related to existing threads, nor merit their own thread(s), can be posted.

To that end I expect that this thread will pretty much take a life of its own meandering back and forth and that is perfectly fine. Everyone is welcome and I hope that this will allow us to continue and improve the community feeling here on this board.

I will leave this as a sticky thread for 60 days just so that it is easy to find.

Enjoy and Welcome!!!
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Old Dec 2, 09, 3:17 pm
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First, allow me to formally (re)introduce myself.

I have been travelling, literally, all of my life. I have been aboard some sort of aircraft since I was one. Below are the formative travel experiences which have shaped who I am now and the kind of travel I do:

My parents entertained constantly and we were either hosting, or invited to, dinners at Chartwell at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver. I practically grew up in that restaurant, and other fine dining rooms in the city.

At age 13, I got to choose one of the hotels we got to stay in on a family trip to St. Johns, Newfoundland. I chose the Radisson and it was the best hotel of our trip.

At age 15, I won a Japanese government scholarship to go to Japan for one month with other Japanese speaking youth from the Americas. I was able to fly Japan Airlines Executive class for the first time -- so hard to go back to Economy after those flights!!

In University, I went to a Model UN conference in Montreal and stayed at the venue hotel which was the Westin (now the Omni). Was *so* impressed with the fact that whenever I picked up the phone they knew who I was. Now, I laugh at how stupid I was not realising that they had caller ID.

My first trip to New York myself, at 22, I chose my accommodations and after requesting practically EVERY hotel to send me a brochure I chose the Waldorf Towers. The Waldorf Towers is now my home in NYC.

The following year, we had our first and second Four Seasons Hotel stay: the FS Philadelphia and the FS New York. We also had our first disaster stay, at the Willard Inter-Continental and led to me learning the art of giving feedback to a hotel.

We feel we learned the ropes in NYC as a few years later we went to France and really had our eyes opened. NYC was our training ground which led to a fantastic 3 weeks in Paris. Here we tried palace hotel and Michelin starred restaurant after palace hotel and Michelin restaurant. We also found the hotel we still consider to be the BEST in the world -- the Four Seasons George V.

Our travels have taken me to Asia, Europe, and recently, a lot to the US. We still try out luxury hotels but we have become wiser and focus most on value -- that is, what is most valuable to us at that time. This may mean a $50 rate at a nice hotel in Las Vegas all the way to 1500 Euro a night at a palace hotel in Paris....

Having joined FlyerTalk almost 6 years ago was also a key point in learning about travel. When I first joined, the Air Canada Aeroplan forum was my home. Now, this board is my home. This is the board from which I have learned so much -- it is only in the last few years I learned of Virtuoso and Four Seasons Preferred Partner -- and my desire is to try to give back to the board I have learned so much from.

Oh, and I am still trying to find a hotel better than the George V.
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Old Dec 2, 09, 3:20 pm
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Congratulations to Kagehitokiri!!

Please join me in congratulating Kagehitokiri on his milestone of 10,000 posts and becoming a FlyerTalk Evangelist!! ^
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Old Dec 2, 09, 3:47 pm
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Originally Posted by luxury View Post
Please join me in congratulating Kagehitokiri on his milestone of 10,000 posts and becoming a FlyerTalk Evangelist!! ^
Congratulations Kagehitokiri! You are a wealth of information.

Good idea Luxury, this seems like a nice idea for a thread.Thank you.
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Old Dec 2, 09, 4:50 pm
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Congratulations, Kagehitokiri and thanks, luxury for initiating this thread.
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Old Dec 2, 09, 6:02 pm
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Thanks, luxury for orchestrating the Grand Opening of The Presidential Suite. ^
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Old Dec 3, 09, 6:04 am
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I also like the idea of this thread and the "catch all" quality of it for this forum.
As a newcomer I am still finding my way on FT and still not quite sure of the protocol on acknowledging others' contributions when not adding anything specific to a thread.
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Old Dec 3, 09, 6:17 am
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Congratulations, Kage, on all those highly pertinent posts. What would we all do without you!

Congratulations, too, to Luxury, who is already proving to be a refreshing voice of 'moderation' in this forum. The Presidential Suite Lounge is right up my street. Maybe we should be holding it at FS George V?
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Old Dec 3, 09, 10:30 am
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Originally Posted by vuittonsofstyle View Post
Congratulations, Kage, on all those highly pertinent posts. What would we all do without you!
At the risk of making a "me too" post, I do want to echo both the congratulations and the thanks for the high quality of Kagehitokiri's posts. I don't think that anyone on FlyerTalk follows up and updates previous posts as well as K. does, and the information is always to-notch and reliable. Thanks for setting such a sterling standard. ^

And a big ^ to luxury for setting up the lounge. Although most of my hotel stays are in the "near-lux" strata of hotels (for examply, I stayed at a Grand Hyatt last night), I do cross over to the lux/5* side of the street on occasion, and I do enjoy the high level of discourse in this forum.
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Old Dec 3, 09, 10:48 am
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I'll go next...

Hi everyone,

I'm Mike. Grew up in Boston and, after living in several states around the country, have moved back to Boston. Now, I have a wife, who is a whore (mileage, that is) and two little people who turn one in a month.

I've always been a collector of something, whether it was coins, baseball cards or miles. I never did much in the mileage game until I took a job in 2000 that required a lot of travel. Then, the OCD in me took over. I started learning everything I could about the mileage programs and scheming to build up balances. My primary programs are AA and SPG.

Until a few years ago, I had always been a hoarder and rarely a burner, but that has changed as the airlines have accelerated the pace at which they are devaluing their programs. Now, I keep only enough miles to make an emergency trip to Bali (in F, of course).

I have started spreading out into the luxury arena on vacations as pricing has come down pretty significantly. Hey, I'm willing to go to Scottsdale in AZ if I can get the Four Seasons at $200 per night with breakfast and a lunch. Also, now that we have kids, our vacations each year will be fewer, so we can spend a bit more per trip. Weekend mileage runs are a thing of the past.

I'm a big fan of the George V and the Halekulani. We spent a couple nights at the former on our honeymoon and a friend who had connections at the hotel got us upgraded to a suite with a wraparound balcony and Eiffel Tower view. The next big luxury stay is Amankila.

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Old Dec 3, 09, 10:06 pm
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Like luxury, the thing I find most important is good value. We all know that as you reach for the high quality end for any product or service, each additional dollar buys you less value than the one before it -- but it should still buy you SOMETHING.

I have known many people who say things like, "I don't care where I stay, I only use a hotel room to sleep in." That also is not me. One bad hotel can ruin an entire trip for me. So while I seek value, I guess I confine my seeking mainly to the upper portion of the hotel spectrum.
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Old Dec 4, 09, 8:06 am
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My first taste of luxury hotel was in the 1980s when my parents took me to Paris and stayed at George V (before it became a Four Seasons hotel). Although I have stayed at more FS hotels since then, I didn't really like staying at luxury hotels as I was more comfortable wearing shorts and sandals. In those days, proper attire was required at any self-respecting hotels and restaurants.

6 years ago I read an article which mentioned Aman as the top resort chain in the world. Shortly after, we went to Amankila for our family trip. From then on I became addicted to staying at luxury resorts/hotels. Insisting on staying at only the very best (this forum has been very helpful for helping me to decide which are the best) in any place I travel. Now I am Amanjunkie, FS-junkie, MO-junkie, Pen-junkie etc..... (nowadays many hotels are ok with shorts and sandals, hurrah...)

btw, the only time I stayed at Presidential Suite was when I was upgraded to Presidential Suite from regular suite at Hotel Arts in Barcelona. Hopefully this still qualifies me to post in this thread.
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Old Dec 4, 09, 3:37 pm
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Hi everyone,

I am glad to step into the suite as well, though I do not hold any qualifications of ever occuping a presidential suite!

My first taste of truly extravagant luxury was at the age of 19 when visiting Hong Kong. I was with a group of (much more sophisticated) friends who decided we should go to the newly opened Regent (now Intercontinental) and dine at Plume. The 8 or 10 of us had a huge round table with those meserizing views across Victoria Harbour in what seemed to me to be the most elegant of dining rooms with spectacular food, and elegant service. It was the beginning of my understanding of what some of the best hotels in the world provide for their guests.

To this day, that hotel and that dinner hold a special place in my heart. In fact, I just spent five days there last week (love the complimentary Dom Perignon in the Club Intercontinental).

Otherwise, as others have said, I do look for quality and value in a luxury hotel. I live in a comfortable home and I do not like to compromise when I am on vacation (I am not a business traveler). I am also one of those people that spends some time in my room so comfort, space, and quiet are important to me. It is also important to me that there is a sense of place when I am in my room. Generally that means a view of something. In Hong Kong, of course that means a harbor view.

Since that first trip to Hong Kong nearly 30 years ago, I have expanded my ideas about luxury and have stayed at some of the better hotels in various countries. I was recently discussing the virtues of a certain south east Asian resort (in this case it was Trisara) that has pool villas in the $1000 to $1,400 per night range and explaining that these were actually a good value. Sure, it's a lot of money but anywhere in the US they would cost five times as much (and not have the standard of service found in Asia). That's my kind of value. I should note that my stay at Trisara was prompted by several members of this forum replying to my post asking where to go! Thanks again for the advice (and DavidO for handling the booking).

I appreciate the depth of knowledge found here on this forum in terms of the hotels themsleves, promotions available, specific room categories, destinations, weather, festivals, bath amenities, specific room numbers to avoid or request, insight on current management and changes in management, contact information, ideas, nuances, inuendo.........

You guys and gals are truly amazing.
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Old Dec 5, 09, 7:09 am
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Congratulations Kage on your 10,000th post. Keep up the good work.
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Old Dec 5, 09, 5:20 pm
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If anyone is interested in the Lounge Thread which was the benchmark for all lounge threads, please take a look a the Delta Lounge Forum. http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/delta...y-welcome.html
I am surely not urging folks to read the thousands of posts which have been generated over the past nearly 5 years. Still,a look at the Delta Lounge will be enlightening and fun. You can see the possibilities that we, over here, in the Luxury Forum can bring to the "Presidential Suite Lounge."
I think it is worth noting that the FT Terms of Service still apply, even in a very loosely moderated "Presidential Suite."
Luxury Hotels
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