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There’s a TSA-Friendly Bloody Mary Mix?

TSA friendly bloody mary

Spend as much time trawling the internet as we do and you’re bound to find some interesting things. Today, that thing was Devil Dave’s Bloody Mary Seasoning. While Mr & Mrs T and Zing Zangs have committed acolytes, they’re both liquid bloody mary mixes which means that you can’t keep them in your carry-on.

What Devil Dave’s presupposes is, what if you could?

This bloody mary mix is dry and it comes in small single-serve stick pack which makes it portable enough to carry in your carry-on, or your pocket if you want. To make your bloody, you mix the packet with the vodka and tomato juice of your choice. And, that kind of portability makes us really, really hope that it’s a great bloody mary mix.

Remember when United Airlines tried to stop selling tomato juice and everyone lost their minds so they brought it back less than a week later?

But is it? We checked the Amazon reviews, and even factoring the friends & family reviews and the 1-star warriors, Devil Dave’s seems to be pretty good for a powdered bloody mary mix. And, for most reviewers, the convenience made up for any flavor deficits. We even found a photo of a guy enjoying it on an Alaska Airlines flight.


The best review we read was “give it a shot, you might like it.” It’s around $10.99 for a 12 pack pouch (each pouch is enough for a 16-oz. drink). You can also get Spicy Dill Pickle or Burnt Bacon rimming salt if you’re feeling fancy. And, if you absolutely hate it or love it, you can be sure to let everyone in Dining Buzz know.


Middle_Seat January 16, 2020

Powdered alcohol is actually a thing, as a Google search will quickly show. Palcohol is a commercial brand. It is banned in many of the United States.

baggins January 16, 2020

why not dehydrated water while you are at it?

sokolov January 15, 2020

Why not add some alcohol powder and freeze-dried, ground tomato, and all you have to add is water?