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The Restaurants That Only Serve Airline Food

Would anyone voluntarily buy airplane food if it was not the only option available? AirAsia thinks so, and now they’ve opened a fast food restaurant serving airline food and coffee.

Santan Restaurant and T&CO Cafe

AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes dreamt of owning both an airline and a restaurant, and that dream has just come true with the opening of Santan Restaurant and T&CO Cafe in the Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur. “Santan” is a liquid made from grated coconut and is regularly used in ASEAN cooking. The new establishment opened its doors on December 3rd, making it the first “quick service restaurant serving airline food to be opened by an airline.”

Fernandes explained that 30% of the meals for sale are inflight dishes currently served on AirAsia flights, while the other dishes were created by a team of chefs and culinary students.

What’s on the Menu?

Airplane food-wise, hungry customers can find Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak, a Malaysian rice dish, and Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice on the menu. Other ASEAN dishes are also available, such as the Philippines’ Chicken Inasal with Garlic Rice and Cambodia’s Pineapple Fish Noodle. ASEAN sourced coffee, tea, and pastries are also offered, such as Onde-Onde Cake.

Dream of Franchising

Santan and T&CO Cafe is the first restaurant to open, with Fernandes expecting five more by the end of 2020 and 100 franchise-operated by 2025.

Fernandes also spoke about entering into international markets, explaining that this is the “first competitor to American fast food chains” and “dreams of having a restaurant in Times Square.” Before you get too grossed out about the idea of a fast-food restaurant offering airline food, the meals are reportedly delicious, healthier than many American fast food options, and is cheap, with a full meal and drink ranging from $2.90 to $4.90. Furthermore, customers can pre-order meals and pick them up from the restaurant via Santan’s website or mobile app.

The airline is extremely excited about this new venture and is confident customers will seek out its food. Fernandes said in a statement, “Our airline food has been successful and we are the first airline ever to commercialize our food. I paid a visit to see the products and met all the staff. Friendly bunch. Just like the airline. Low cost doesn’t mean low quality. Food is high quality but very affordable. 15RM ($3.60) for a meal and drink. It doesn’t cost anything to be nice or to smile. I want people to see us as different. Not like the fast-food joints out there.”

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Long Zhiren December 9, 2019

Horse meat in Eastern Europe? Horse meat sausages are commonly available in Germany. Not sure how horse meat can be a scandal in Europe unless it was advertised as something else.

pagophilus December 8, 2019

I applaud Air Asia for this venture. I like their food, and think their selection is one of the best of any airline. Next time I'm in KL I shall attempt to eat there.

Long Zhiren December 5, 2019

Some of my favorite meals have been on trains. How different can it be besides the altitude factor on the taste buds?

Long Zhiren December 5, 2019

If people ate airline food at sea level, would their taste buds tell them it's any better than it tastes at 30000 ft high? Or would they just continue to blame the airlines instead of their own taste buds?

OUTraveling December 4, 2019

@randysea So National Lampoon's European Vacation is more truth than fiction...