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British Airways Unveils Major Menu Changes

LONDON, UK: New food that will feature on British Airways flights from London Gatwick, photographed on 10 December 2019 (Picture by Nick Morrish/British Airways)

From seared cod, ribeyes and blinis to smoked salmon, monkfish and caviar, BA unveiled some major changes to its food menus across all of its cabins on both its long and short-haul services. The airline states that this “reimagined” and “improved” menu is all part of its major investment drive.

British Airways (BA) has announced that passengers flying via London’s Gatwick Airport (LGW) can now enjoy a range of refreshed food offerings across all cabins on both short and long-haul services as part of a major investment by the airline.

New Menus Part of Major Investment Drive

In a statement earlier this week, BA said that this major revamp, “…brings in new menus featuring new dishes and recipes as part of the airline’s £6.5 ($8.5) bn investment for customers. The new food has a focus on provenance with the provider, Newrest, working closely with suppliers in the south of England to source the best quality ingredients.”

On BA’s long-haul services, these “reimagined” and “improved” offerings are now available in the airline’s World Traveler, World Traveler Plus, Club World and first cabins. Guests using the airline’s short-haul routes will also find new offerings in BA’s Club Europe cabin. The airline adds that it will continue to sell food products from British retailer Marks & Spencer for Euro Traveler passengers.

Blinis, Caviar and Cod

Giving the public a tease of its new range of offerings, BA offered a sample menu here. According to this, those in Club Europe could find local English trout and salmon on their tray tables plus blinis (pancakes), seared cod and even caviar. Club World passengers can enjoy local ham, heirloom squash, seared cod and British beef on their plates.

Gatwick Club Europe

Gatwick Club World Main

For lucky first-class BA passengers, ribeye and roast monkfish are on the menu. Judging by these offerings, the airline is also offering a range of vegetarian and fish-based main entrées and starters.

Gatwick First Starter

Gatwick First Main

Gatwick First Main

Gatwick First Dessert

Offering her comments on the refreshed menus, Carolina Martinoli, the airline’s director of brand and customer experience, said, “This is the latest development in continuously improving our catering. We’re incredibly proud of this new offering, and we hope our customers enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed developing it.”

Food Only Part of the Picture

This lift to its catering is part of a major and comprehensive improvement drive at the airline.

“British Airways is investing £6.5 billion for its customers over five years, taking delivery of 73 new aircraft including A350 and 787s, refurbishing its long-haul fleet with new cabins so they look and feel new, introducing new, redesigned lounges, new dining across all cabins, new bedding and amenity kits for First, Club World and World Traveler Plus, best quality onboard WiFi to every aircraft and providing access to power at every aircraft seat,” it explained,

Further explaining these planned improvements, it added, “The airline recently introduced its Club Suite, a new business class seat with direct aisle access on its A350 aircraft, which will be rolled out across the British Airways’ long-haul fleet over the next few years.”

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Bluecardholder December 15, 2019

After a mediocre flight to Jamaica in J in May, the service ideal seems to have gone down the pan. With crew rushing up and down the corridor with trays of food, and no-one seemingly concerned about drinks or top-ups, and the basic breakfast service they need to refocus on what the competitors do. Combined with a cramped seat it would need a lot to drag my sorry ass back into long haul BA when there are better and more competent alternatives.

RaoulM December 13, 2019

Interesting but irrelevant. I gave up on BA ten years ago after a succession of missed flights, lies, and refusals to refund. They've lost at least 30 transatlantic fares from me and I'm sure they couldn't care less. BA only cares about premium class passengers and for the rest they may as well be ryanair