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50% off, 50% Bonus: Avios Flash Sale

British Airways announced a flash sale: 50% off Avios, their frequent flyer currency. Alongside this is a sale in economy and premium economy, with a half-price discount on Avios award bookings. But is it a good deal, or is the company trying to pad their bottom line before the end of the year?

Just in time for the holiday shopping rush, British Airways is dropping a big sale for Executive Club members. Now live on the website, the airline is offering a 50 percent bonus on purchasing their frequent flyer miles, Avios, before November 21, 2019.

Alongside the offer is another sale that could make purchased Avios easier to use. Through November 21, 2019, flyers can use Avios for reward flights in economy and premium economy for up to a 50 percent discount. Travel must be completed between November 7, 2019, and April 30, 2020. But, while this sale makes the Avios price of award flights cheap, availability and fees can negate discounts fairly quickly.

FlyerTalkers were quick to notice and debate the merits of the sale on the forums, with a mixed reaction. Most FlyerTalkers are disappointed that while the Avios price of award flights is cheap, availability and fees negate discounts quickly.

The “Great British Airways Avios Sale”

The sale is straightforward: when flyers purchase Avios, they will receive a 50 percent bonus on top of their purchase. If Avios collectors purchase the annual maximum of 100,000 Avios, they would receive a bonus of 50,000 Avios. The points are usable on British Airways and many of their Oneworld partners.

As with every sale, terms and conditions apply. Avios can only be purchased in specific intervals, with a 1,000-point minimum. Buyers must be 18 or older and a member of British Airways Executive Club. And flyers must have at least one Avios point in their account to purchase any sum of miles.

Up to 50 Percent Fewer Avios on Economy Award Flights

In addition to the purchased Avios bonus, the British flag carrier is offering another deal. On bookings made before Nov. 21, flyers can redeem those Avios on select flights for up to half of the required points for an award. The 50 percent off Avios deal is only available in the economy cabin, World Traveller, and the premium economy cabin, World Traveller Plus.

Any member of British Airways Executive Club can take advantage of the offer, so long as they have the points available. However, flyers are responsible for all taxes, fees and carrier charges when they book. For a discounted flight between Boston and London, the additional charges could still come up to around $700 – even when booking an award.

Is It a Good Deal?

In the forum thread on the topic, the question is: is there an advantage to booking now, even with the 50 percent discount on award flights? While the deal is good, the taxes and fees attached to redeeming Avios is high, and seat availability can be low.

“Since the taxes and fees on economy redemptions are often higher than low season cash fares it doesn’t really make any difference,” quips FlyerTalker ajeleonard. “May as well just offer a 100% Avios discount.”

“As with all of BA’s recent ‘sales’, it looks like the usual shifting inventory and filling a few selected seats on certain routes,” notes forum member T8191. “Frankly, I take almost no notice of British Airways ‘sales’ these days, unless this community says it’s worth looking.”

“I have never found any worthwhile savings on any of the routes I am likely to book,” writes snaxmuppet. “Which is a pity because each time there is a sale I look and get all excited only to be disappointed.”

It Depends on the Route

As with any airline deal, your miles–and overall value–may vary. While this may be an excellent opportunity to use Avios for winter and spring travel abroad, it’s important to note the high fees. Before you decide to put down any cash for either miles or an award flight, look to ensure your award availability is there. Additionally, be sure to check out the FlyerTalk 2019 guide to spending Avios.

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November 10, 2019

So apparently BA nor OneWorld flies LHR to SYD per the Avios booking site. I checked the monthly calendar and there was 0 availability for the month of January. Avios...more like avoid!

springtime77 November 8, 2019

What a joke, I tried to join Avios from Australia, I was told it wasn't possible, Their customer service said if I had another overseas address there was no problem...so my trip from Sydney to Singapore was not credited in any way shape or form ...British airways, are you for real?

mhrb November 8, 2019

"the Avios price of award flights cheap, availability and fees can negate discounts fairly quickly" is written twice.