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Dirt Cheap First Class Flights for Travel Way in the Future

dirt cheap business class flights

Here’s the straight, FlyerTalk: no one knows when it will be safe to fly again. But, it’s a safe bet that someday, humanity will take to the skies with regularity again. And, now that the DOT and EU Transport Commissioner have made it clear that airlines must offer cash refunds for canceled flights, it’s safer to speculate on a few flights for the future, especially when the deals are good.

55K American Miles For First Class To Japan

American Airlines is holding a special web promotion with big discounts on roundtrip, First Class American Airlines flights from Dallas to Tokyo Haneda. Normally, these flights are 80,000 for Saver Awards. During this promo, they’re only 55,000 miles + just around $60 in taxes and fees.

You can also find Business Class flights for 45,000 miles. But, if you have an extra 10,000 to spare, why not upgrade?

Availability is wide open and can be found in October, November, December 2020 and January, February, March 2021.

Hat Tip to PinterPoin

$800+ Business Class Flights to South America

We’ve spotted several versions of deals from several destinations in the United States. For a great Aeromexico deal from the US to Mexico to Chile, with lie-flat seats from Mexico to Chile. Check out this Premium Fare deal. At around the same price, you can fly from several destinations in the United States and to several destinations in South America. Or, try $600+ Business Class Flights to Peru.

This is a great fare to play around with. It works for Brazil, Argentina and several other destinations across South America. And, at the very least is a good mileage run that can be routed through other cities in Mexico to add more stops for more miles. Availability is available through the end of this year and into 2021.


Bradhattan April 10, 2020

Try various large cities but not hubs...saw a few 110 RT in F* from DTW .Feb and Mar i think. *domestic F on DTW - DFW obviously

toxman April 10, 2020

I went to the AA site right after I read this and couldn't find anything anywhere close to 55k from DFW to HND in first class.

oldAGE April 10, 2020

At D3KingAmerican and mlsreality -- Nope... still plenty available. Seconds ago on 10 Apr at 0820 CDT, I see 55K in F for ORD-DFW-HND/HND-DFW-ORD. 110K miles + $61.25. 7 Dec 2020 AA 328 - ORD-DFW AA 175 - DFW-HND 15 Dec 2020 Variety of Return Combos AA 176 - HND-DFW Varying DFW-ORD Just have to hunt a bit better filtering by Calendar Month, then not Business/First but rather First AGE

aethelwulf April 10, 2020

A whole 2 examples, and both only aimed at American flyers. Useless to click on.

Bradhattan April 10, 2020

I found 55 FC..ow...110 RT....just need to search without selecting class then see what prices for econ...select a 40 K flught and see alternative pricing..Calendar works sometimes also