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American Airlines’ Biggest Bonus Offer Ever

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Image Source: American Airlines

As a global pandemic continues to keep planes grounded, it has been interesting to watch how each airline tries to find its footing.

Yesterday, American Airlines made its overture in the form of its biggest AAdvantage miles bonus ever.

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Here’s the offer that’s been circulating via e-mail:

Did you know you can book award travel 331 days out? Now is the time to buy miles with our biggest offer yet.

Receive up to 100% bonus miles when you buy or gift miles. Offer ends April 12th. Also, transfer miles and receive up to 50% off.

  • When you buy 2,000 – 9,000 miles You get 50% bonus miles

  • When you buy 10,000 – 49,000 miles You get 70% bonus miles

  • When you buy 50,000 – 149,000 miles You get 85% bonus miles

  • When you buy 150,000 – 150,000 100% bonus miles.

A Great Offer, But…

Before you decide to open your wallet, there are a few points you should consider:

  • should the worst happen, and American Airlines goes bankrupt, you may not be able to use these miles.
  • a massive devaluation (or devaluation of partner awards) is better than bankruptcy but it will significantly impact the value of these AAdvantage miles.
  • American Airlines hasn’t announced what they’re planning to do with the AAdvantage loyalty program (you can check for any updates here)
bucketlist April 20, 2020

AA's current offer is much less: Buy miles Purchase the miles you need and get your next award sooner Earn up to 65% bonus miles!

duxfan April 18, 2020

The last time AA went through the bankruptcy process, did anyone lose their miles? What about Delta? United?

jcm12 April 9, 2020

Independent of whether this is a good idea, the headline is just WRONG! American has offered better deals than this on buying miles. Whoever is collecting these tidbits needs to do at least a minimum amount of checking.

mvoight April 8, 2020

I did a comparison. I can get over 120,000 miles if I buy 65K miles I have compared the fees and mileage award for a pair of tickets that are for flights I want. The 120K + fees (including the BA surchatges for connecting to BA for Euro flights) I pay for the 2 tickets are almost $1500 less than if pay for the 2 tickets outright. So, yes, you can save money. Unless you get a cheap web special for domestic travel, you are probably better off not buying miles to use for domestic economy.

not2017 April 2, 2020

There will better offers. This isn't the best that American has offered either.