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More coming also

Originally Posted by thezipper View Post
The event also made it on the Delta Blog today and I've added a number of pictures from the event to my flickr album....

Thanks to all who participated... enjoy!
My wife took a number of pictures and she was asked to send to Scoop-III and will be sending out to her Wednesday. Thanks again to all that participated.
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Thanks for the pictures. I enjoy the event and talking to Bob, Perry and the rest of the NWA employees.

I am glad to say Bob answered a few my questions (one on one) regarding to having both a DL and NW FF account. Such as you will able to choose which account number to keep, when both accounts merge. And few not so important questions... which are not on the FAQ merge page.

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From what I can see, my donation was put to great use! Thanks for the pictures - I wish I could have been there!
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Thumbs up

Great stuff -- I'm happy I was able to contribute!
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I can't believe that in the month I haven't logged in here due to a bunch of travel and holidays, I missed all this!

Sorry I didn't send in a donation (certainly would have) but thanks to all of you who did contribute. It's great to see how well-received everything was. Hopefully I can help out with next year's (final ever, I suppose...) event.
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Looks like it was a great event! I was in Sydney until this week, otherwise I certainly would have tried to make it up there for it.

Fortunately I did remember to send a PayPal donation for the event last month, before I left for Australia. However, I never did get a confirming PM about it on FT, so didn't get to add a message. I hope everyone's contribution made it OK.

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Photo. Set. It occurs to me now, I meant to take pics of our NW swag. I'll post them later.
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A special thanks to all FlyerTalkers who were there to make it a truly personal event, and particularly to hnewman for all the coordination and direct support. Every time I pick up the phone and press the direct dial button to our elite angels (and I try to do it as little as I have to), it has become very personal, and it fills me with gratitude for what they do. It is not "service", it is care, and it is wonderful that we can have the opportunity to show some measure of care in kind.
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Originally Posted by boxo View Post
Photo. Set. It occurs to me now, I meant to take pics of our NW swag. I'll post them later.
Nice pictures as always! I wish I had some of those NW pins.
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Originally Posted by Jaimito Cartero View Post
Nice pictures as always! I wish I had some of those NW pins.
Thanks for the compliment. Yes, those are some nice pins. I wonder what they're going for on ebay?

I would've brought some swag back for you, but as it was my pack was busting at the seams. Actually, my NW tote bag fell out of my backpack's side pocket at some point. Sad. Very sad.
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