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BA/LH British Airways & Lufthansa Target India with Fares & Products >>
British Airways and Lufthansa are targeting high-end Indian flyers with special fares and new products.
DL Delta Expands Low-Fare “Basic Economy” Service >>
As low-cost carriers gain an increasing share of the market, Delta is set to expand the number of flights with stripped-down Basic Economy options.
Bless You! In-Flight Gesundheit! Just How Far Does That Sneeze Travel? >>
Simulation software has helped scientists at an FAA-funded lab map out the spread of airborne pathogens.
Hotels Couple Fined £100 by “Rotten, Stinking Hovel” for Bad Review >>
A budget hotel in the U.K. took on free speech with a policy that fined guests for posting bad reviews online.
UA United & Orbitz Sue Skiplagged Over “Hidden City” Fares >>
United and Orbitz have filed suit to stop Skiplagged from publishing and purchasing “hidden city” fares said to be in violation of both companies’ rules.
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