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United Chase Credit Card Bonuses: “Seems Like a Downgrade”

FlyerTalkers are reporting bonuses for their Chase United Airlines Credit Cards between 3,000 and 50,000 bonus miles for making spend goals, but the reactions to the challenges are mixed.
For United Airlines flyers who hold a Chase co-branded credit card, bonus season is upon them. Have you checked to see your bonus offer?


FlyerTalkers who have visited the United promotion site report varying levels of bonus offers, with some cards not even qualifying for the additional challenge – and the reactions are mixed.


Flyers Offered Bonus Miles or Premier Qualifying Points

FlyerTalker escapefromphl was the first to report their bonus offer on the forums, calling it “a downgrade compared to previous years somehow.” Their top-end offer is 50,000 bonus MileagePlus miles or 2,500 bonus Premier Qualifying Points, after a quarterly spend ranging from $29,000 to $50,000. As a result, escapefromphl says they will skip the promotion this year.


FlyerTalker FlytheTail reported three levels of offers for their United Quest Card. The bonuses range from 10,000 MileagePlus miles or 500 Premier Qualifying Points after $10,000 in spending, to 44,000 miles or 2,200 Premier Qualifying Points after $22,000 in spending before June 30, 2024. Luv-2-Travel reported receiving a lower offer on their United Explorer Card, between 7,000 MileagePlus miles or 385 Premier Qualifying Points for $7,000 in quarterly spend, up to 33,000 miles or 1,650 Premier Qualifying Points for $15,000 in spending.


To qualify for the lowest-tier MileagePlus Premier Silver tier, flyers must travel on 12 Premier Qualifying Flights and earn 4,000 Premier Qualifying Points, or outright earn 5,000 Premier Qualifying Points. Reaching the next tier, Premier Gold, requires as much as 10,000 Premier Qualifying Points.


Although FlyerTalkers won’t outright reach tier status through the promotion, some will get closer to their goals based on their offers. As United forum moderator WineCountryUA notes, the most common miles-to-PQP earning ratio is either 20 miles or 1 Premier Qualifying Point. The rest of the promotion – including how much flyers could earn per spend – are based on several factors determined by Chase and the airline.


Check the promotion you qualify for by visiting the United Airlines promotional website and share what you were offered on the FlyerTalk forums.