Harlem Shake Shakes Feathers at TSA

For the first time in months JT and I talk. Then he emails me a clip of “Harlem Shake” on a Frontier Flight. JT also sends me a link to Wikipedia “in case you’re not familiar with the Harlem Shake meme.”

How Much is that Doggie Down in Cargo?

How about that Cocker running around the tarmac? When United Airlines lost a dog earlier this year they paid the owner $3,500. In San Francisco, an NBC affiliate claims commercial airlines have killed, injured or lost 302 animals in a six-year span.

Air New Zealand Makes Another Oddball Air Safety Video

Never mind his boyish face. Anyone who has ventured into Cable World knows Bear Grylls is Man vs Wild, where Wild is a place name. Now he’s running the Routeburn Track with a carry-on trout in an extraordinary safety video for Air New Zealand.

Pan Am Lives… in Los Angeles-Area Warehouse

Plenty of elements to this story – a fictional flight to Tokyo on a replica Pan Am 747, Pam Am stewardesses in regulation pantyhose under short blue skirts, a planeload of Pan Am memorabilia and a guy who seemingly spends his days dreaming and reliving the glory days of Pan Am World Airways. Wish I…

Science Gives Us Permission to Toot on a Plane

Listen up. We all know I have faults. You readers are quick to point them out, thank you. But The Tarmac has never resorted to bathroom humor. Never going there. But a detailed scientific study has come out of New Zealand, so I think it’s time we discuss flatulence while flying.

Tarmac Thieves Target Tons of Treasure

The Tarmac loves a good tarmac story. This one’s a lulu. Eight heavily armed thieves dressed as cops and driving two vehicles with flashing blue lights drive onto the tarmac at Belgium’s Zaventum airport. They nab $50 million worth of diamonds from the cargo of a passenger-loaded Helvetic Airways flight ready for take off. It…

Pay By-the-Hour for Sleep at the Airport

Many of us have tucked into a hideaway airport room for a few hours sleep on the tarmac side of security checkpoints. Maybe even a shower. I’m not talking airline lounges, but pod-like hotel rooms in Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai and elsewhere. Some of you have done the same in Atlanta and Philadelphia. Pretty soon you’ll be doing it in Dallas and Chicago.

A Valentine to a Pilot

Anyone see Flight, the movie where Denzel Washington flies a yaw-wobbled passenger-loaded jetliner upside down? Pure Hollywood! The real pilot who owns that move is Chris Santacroce. I’ve seen him upside down hundreds of times, his Red Bull helmet spinning like a top while spiraling from 10,000 feet.

A Remarkable Achievement: 4 Years of Safe Commercial Flying

Today marks four years since the last fatal crash of a commercial jet in the United States. Luck? Experts in the aviation industry, both the airlines and regulators, say maybe. But if luck were their only card, you’d be boarding a Dreamliner today.

The Rise of the Middle East Airlines

A few months ago the OAG, who track flight schedule data, reported Middle East-based airlines were adding 22,000 seats per day, the strongest growth of any global region in available long-haul airline seats. Many of those new seats are coming to America at rock-bottom prices.

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