Poor Service for Women Eating Alone

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Poor Service for Women Eating Alone

This happened to me three times within the same week. I request a table for one and am seated. In 2 of the 3 cases, I was given a menu. I waited 7-10 minutes before anyone brought water (and in the third case, the menu). In one case, I had commented on the delay in getting water and the server was then apologetic and efficient. In the other two, I was tempted to go to the police station and file a missing persons report. The most egregious was the one where 3 servers were chatting up a couple 2 tables away, while studiously ignoring me. I eventually flagged one down and she said, "I'll get your server." Five minutes later she herself came back.

It's a stereotype that women eating alone don't tip well. Uh, sheesh, I wonder why? (I did tip well when it came to the one who was apologetic.)

Funny thing is that here (in D.C.) I usually get served very fast when alone, presumably because they are trying to get me out of there quickly.
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I think I would have just gotten up and left or were you stuck where there weren't any other dining options. Then I would have contacted the manager the next day if she/he wasn't around when you were ignored.
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Yup, I've faced that too. In some cases, I've gotten up and left. There are lots of places to eat.
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I always just eat at the bar. Easier to get someone's attention when they are boxed in right in front of you

But that's just a personal choice for me. I eat at the bar if I'm with friends or my son as well.
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Based on my own experiences, I'm not sure this is an issue limited to a woman eating alone versus a person eating alone - and I also suspect it's sometimes indicative of overall poor service or poor management in terms of staffing.

I've discussed this with several servers who provided amazing service whilst I was alone and the latter 2 points were their take as well.
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I'm comfortable eating alone and have been served comparably to when I am with my husband. I generally have my kindle with me and am happy to read while waiting for food or the bill.
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