40th Birthday Solo Trip

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40th Birthday Solo Trip

I turn 40 later this year and want to take a pleasure trip on my own for the first time in years. (I've travelled a fair bit alone for work but that just isn't the same thing as there was always a purpose.)

I'm sitting on 300K+ Alaska miles so I can go pretty much anywhere but all that choice is making it hard to pick. I can't even decide between beach or city or something else... I do know I can only get away for 5-7 days so anything that is over 24 hours in travel from YYJ probably isn't worth it although I am open to any suggestions. I would also like to go in the middle of November but again, if there was a particular event worth seeing I could possibly go in September or October.

If you could go anywhere to get away by yourself where would you go?
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Venice and Vienna are two cities that come to mind. They are great cities to get out and walk and see on your own. However, I wouldn't recommend either in November. It's cold and days are short. September should be fine.
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I actually love traveling to cold places in November - cheap flights out of the country during (American) Thanksgiving. We rented an apartment for a long weekend in Amsterdam a couple years ago, Paris too. Any big city in Europe would be something I would enjoy. But if you can't decide between beach or city - you have some thinking to do

(we had rain, sleet & snow during our AMS trip - but we had packed for it and did just fine - lots of walking, drinking & eating - the Rijksmuseum is open again now - it wasn't during our trip - but I know I'll want to go next time!)
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For a 5-7 day trip. San Francisco comes to mind. Earlier in Nov rather than later. Of course that's my favorite city in all the world.

Somewhere special that I haven't been before. There are some great places in the Caribbean. Of if I were more into cities, I might give South America a try.

Machu Pichu I think can be done given your time--a day in Lima, on to Cusco, a couple of days there, then to Machu Pichu and back to Lima. Maybe enough time for the Nacza lines.

And then there's Hawaii. Of course I'm one of those strange people who love Honolulu as well as the other islands.

The time of the year and the amount of time limit my suggestions. I've done Europe in the winter and I'm not sure I love it. I did Malta in about the amount of time you're thinking of. There's also southern Spain.
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Why not go someplace very different from other places you have traveled.
I am now in china and really enjoying having previously traveled mostly in Europe and US. you will really feel the trip is then unique and special rather than just another trip
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Originally Posted by SanDiego1K View Post
Venice and Vienna are two cities that come to mind. They are great cities to get out and walk and see on your own. However, I wouldn't recommend either in November. It's cold and days are short.
Is that the reason why I took over your hotel room reservation in Venice ten years ago?

Although it was early November, the weather was fantastic — but I suppose we were quite lucky...
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A little more info on the types of things you like to do would be helpful. I've traveled the world alone and had amazing times. Tying a long-awaited trip into a passion always makes it even more special. Do you like adventure, culture, food & wine, relaxation, warm weather, etc. Once you can at least narrow it down to the kind of trip that will make it most memorable, it will be easier to recommend. Most important -- have fun!!
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40 Birthday trip

For a single woman traveling alone = SINGAPORE! Exotic, always warm, lots to see and do, easy to get around, safe and English is the official language. Oh, and lots of stores. Go girl ----
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Paris. I know its cold that time of year, but the easy walking, tons of museums and shopping, (which IMO are more enjoyable when you're alone and on your own schedule), and great food make it a no-brainer solo trip for me.

For something a little warmer ... Costa Rica.

If you want to give your mileage balance a workout, then fly CX F to Bali
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Thanks for the great suggestions everyone!

Paris is definitely on my short list, as are Venice and Hawaii.

I do find Singapore an intriguing options as I have never been.

I love the beach but I worry that if I went to a beach destination alone I wouldn't interact with anyone the whole time. Knowing myself I would end up on the beach or by the pool with a book the whole time, which while relaxing, I think it would get a bit lonely. I've been leaning towards a European city destination if only for the fact that I would get out to visit museums and see the sights that I want to see without impatient and bored kids.

Would any of you travel to Istanbul alone?
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Haven't been to Istanbul, but in other more touristy places in Turkey it's fine to be a single female traveller. Western/asian (clearly not turkish women) do attract attention, but in my experience the harmless type.

I am sure that in Istanbul like other parts of our world there are places which are safer than others. Do a google search on it

If you don't mind cold, then the northern lights in Norway are quite a spectacular sight.

To prevent loneliness I would book one or two tours to whatever museum/sights/destination you want to go. You'll meet other travellers and I've often found myself in the company of the same people several times during my trip. Such day trips (or sometimes two days or more) are perfect for when you want to meet and interact with someone without being stuck with them for the duration of your trip.

But the world is a wonderful place, so narrowing it down to what you like, then searching for destinations offering that sounds like a good idea.
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I traveled to Turkey alone, loved it! 7 days is perfect for a taste-
3 days in Istanbul

2 days in Cappadocia

2 days somewhere else- Izmir is popular. I went to Denizli which is the airport closest to Pamukkale/Hieropolis and Aphrodisias (FAR more amazing sites than Ephesus in my opinion). Hot springs, crazy geological structures, mud baths, historical sites!

I went the end of Dec-beginning of Jan. Was supposed to be in Istanbul at a DJ Shantel show and another friends' gig for NYE, but instead hung out with 2 Korean girls on the far side of Denizli, in a 5 star hotel, thanks Turkish Airlines!

Speaking of- I got insane deals by booking in-country flights on Turkish- go to their website and use the international site, not US. The flights will price in TL and be a lot lower. I paid 39-69 TL/flight. I flew since I only had a week and didn't want to waste time on 9 hr bus rides.

Istanbul in particular is really incredible for tourists- most of the major sites are in Sultanahmet, along with many of the hostels/hotels. There's a thing called MUZE pass which gets you into the major sites- 72 hours for 72TL, you can really save a lot of money. There is free internet in that part of town, so if you get lost, pull out your iPod touch/phone and see where you are! Tons of tourists, friendly folk, I felt incredibly safe the whole time I was in Turkey. I learned a smattering of Turkish, but many people know some English (especially in Istanbul).

Caveat emptor- I LOVE Turkish music (listening to it and playing it) so for me that was a big hook. But Istanbul is an incredible city on all levels, and there are so many historical things around the country there are plenty of things to

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PS- Good recommendation on tours. I found that they were almost necessary in Cappadocia, where it can be pretty far in between sites with limited public transport. They color code the tours, I went on the Green tour which I thought was best combo of sites. I think it was 60 or 70 TL? Some places will try to charge more, but you can just book at any agency in town (I stayed in Goreme which is probably best choice- you can walk to a lot of stuff). PS- stay in a cave hotel when you are there!
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Turks & Caicos

Go to Turks & Caicos. Its Caribbean but safe and pristine. It can be expensive. Check out a singles group that has a trip scheduled for 4 nights:

You can save money by room mate matching or your own room for a single supplement.
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+1 for Amsterdam.

I have never been myself but have heard wonderful things about Singapore.

I went to Madrid last December by myself and really enjoyed the city. Not speaking Spanish was a bit difficult but I could eventually come across people who did. The males were fairly aggressive with expressing interest... This could be a positive or negative depending on what you are looking for on the trip.

My friend went to Dubai by herself and says it is one of the best trips she ever took.

If you want to stay a bit closer NYC is beautiful in November. Hotels are ridiculously affordable Thanksgiving week (at least they were last year and the year before).

This is such a great idea! I think I will steal it for when I turn 40!
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