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Burning Man

This year will be ten since my first Burn, and my seventh total participation in the event. I've camped in big theme camps, in the back of my Suburban and everything in between. Have had quite a few friends in the drop camps, too. This year I'm even responsible for guarding the Man for half a day.

This year I'm bringing a few newbies (in Burning Man terms Virgins) to the Playa, and Mrs. WWD created the following list to help them pack. Whether in 2017, or beyond, please feel free to reach out in this thread or via a DM if you have questions.

The List

Goggles - For Day and Night - We have these...they are functional, and have UV protection for during the day, but feel free to buy whichever brand/kind you want.
Dust mask(s) - The first year I just brought disposable painters masks (you'd probably want a fresh one for every day or every other day). We have inexpensive respirators that have swappable cartridges.
Headlamp and/or Pocket Flashlight - can be super inexpensive...but its nice to have incase you are looking for something after dark, or are biking and want a light.
Comfortable Shoes - I can't stress this one enough...even with a bike there is a ton of walking, you want shoes that protect your feet (the playa dust is very harsh) but are also relatively easy to slip on and off
Reusable Camping Cup - When you go out during the day you'll want to stop at other camps for refreshments...they generally won't have plastic cups...you need to bring your own. One that can be attached to a fanny pack, backpack, belt loop is nice so you can always have it on hand A cheap/free travel coffee mug also works well
Something to light you up at night - Can get creative here...lots of people use electroluminescent wire its cheap, its light, and very bright and you can add it to any costume (I taped a whole bunch inside of a clear poncho last year). Or you can buy a light up piece of clothing. Or if you want to be a little snarky I think my Aunt Paulette wears these for Christmas.
Self inflating camping pad - We've slept on the ground with no pad before...its livable, but having just a little bit of padding makes a huge difference. Amazon has many at varying prices
Sleeping Bag - You probably could get by with a blanket, but it can get pretty cold at night so having something where you can snuggle in and zip up is probably better
Small Tent (optional)- This is up to you -We usually sleep in our shade structure...positives - we don't wake up in a hot tent...negatives - if (when) there is a dust storm at night when you're sleeping you wake up covered in...well...dust, also it doesn't leave room for much privacy.
Hat - You'll want at least one...protect your face from the hot sun, can also cover 'creative' looking hair
Hair-ties Showers don't really happen, and it can be pretty windy, I like to put it up in a ponytail/etc most of the time
Daytime - You'll want something light and cool - it can be very (very) hot - Indian sexy hot... I sometimes wear thai fisherman pants...but last year I wore cheap shorts and loved that I had pockets so might go that route again. You can google burningman costumes...theres a huge range...everything from halloween to madmax to normal street wear...its all okay. But don't bring anything with feathers or things that could fall off...it is a huge faux pas.
Nighttime - The onesie is a good choice or something that will keep you warm if (when) it gets cold

We will pick up most of what we need in Reno - sunscreen, lotion, baby wipes, food, water, dry ice, booze (lots of gin if WWD is pouring), etc...
Can you let us know if you have any food restrictions/requirements? Because we will plan meals in advance

Other Gear
And we already have a lot of the required gear - shade structure, camping stove, coolers, solar lights, etc
We are going to buy cheap-o bikes and locks at Walmart (last year we saw them for about $80) - let us know if you'd like us to bring one for you
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Are you going this year?
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Originally Posted by Rontec View Post
Are you going this year?
Hi rontec sent worldwidedreamer a note for 2019 bm riding solo from Hawaii to Seattle sturgis bm and back 4-5k over 2 months you sound like good people and I would appreciate any info on tickets as the net isn't accurate for a year away the process is critical to me and i would b timely when sale starts how does that 30 min sellout work? Me a good dude 58 y/o w/ great skill set long range rider camper not a rookie w/all survival gear going to sturgis rally b4 bman not a hardcore biker and good company I started w/you folks because of the good advise as this year too late thanks
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