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Maybe that is to cover their butt in the case of say a Hotwire or Priceline ticket? Cause if you could bid on Priceline, win the bid and go "oh I don't like the flights" and refund it within 24 hours, it would kind of defeat the purpose of Priceline.
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Mm, there's already language in the guarantee to show that they're only covering tickets bought directly through a USAir channel. So unless they like being redundant this should refer to something else.
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Originally Posted by snokums925
Read this carefully:
US Airways is committed to allowing you to cancel a ticket without penalty within 24 hours of making the original reservation.
Some airline tickets carry penalties or restrictions for changes or cancellations. Other tickets can be changed or cancelled at anytime without penalty. Tickets may have other associated nonrefundable fees. We recognize that travelers' plans may change, and US Airways is committed to providing you additional flexibility in booking your flights.

We Commit:

To allow you 24 hours to change your travel plans from the time of your initial reservation, without penalty. You may cancel a ticket purchased through US Airways reservations, an airport or city ticket office or our US Airways web site without penalty within 24 hours of making your initial reservation. The refund process is automatic for electronic tickets purchased and then cancelled within 24 hours. Refunds for paper tickets must be processed through US Airways. Customers purchasing nonrefundable tickets for travel within 24 hours of booking must cancel their reservations with US Airways prior to flight departure to be eligible for the refund. Refunds will be processed for the airfare; some ticketing fees are not refundable, for example, the fee paid for a paper ticket.
Please note, some fares are not eligible for refunds or changes at any time, including some fares offered via the internet.

At my preferred carrier, the ticket can be voided on the same calendar day. If you purchased it today at 11pm,you have one hour to cxl it. After that, if it is non refundable, it is non refundable...period. It can be used within one year and usually the reissue fee would be waived.
Cmon folks, nonrefundable means nonrefundable. Yes, she made a mistake. But when it didnt process, dont just log on and make another--call USAirways Internet department! If they don't see it, yeah make another.

I had web site issues and I, unlike this woman, called and was told "Its no problem sir, you ALWAYS have 24 hours to cancel anyway." I was on an extremely low fare from DCA to STX ($309 is unbeatable) and booked 4 trips all within 5 minutes of each other. Only one got hosed up due to a consistently reproducible bug on the website when changing the day of only the return trip that caused it to tell me that I was booking for one day on the return, only to change the date at the final screen after all was booked. Anyway, they gave me NO hassles whatsoever. This is the 2nd time they gave me no hassles when making a change to an internet reservation. One time I messed up (superbowl incident) and the other they did (website problem).

I agree the woman should've called, but the airline should also have been reasonable. The bottom line is that businesses need even less saavy customers to survive in this day and age, and clearly this woman wasn't trying to scam the system or anything like that.

One of the biggest problems I have with Legacy carriers is until you earn "status" they could care less about you. This is not the case at LCC's as they have no status, and generally provide a much higher level of service to people then legacy's do to customers without status. And then they wonder why they are going into bankrupcy! AA lost my business because on the way to gaining status (about 20,000 miles in 3 months...I should've done a challenge I know) they really screwed me on 3 straight trips and treated me horribly. Thier loss, US's gain (US is generally better all around anyway), and even if US goes Ch. 7 I am going to avoid AA at this point. Anyway, enough OT ranting!


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I am sure that someone is getting SSSSS on her boarding passes.
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Originally Posted by ExtonUS
Umm kind of sort of a compliment to US. At least it is a story not about baggage screw ups.

Kristine Lopez wanted to buy tickets from Philadelphia to Tampa, Fla. But when she clicked the "submit" button to book a seat on the US Airways Web site, nothing happened. No receipt, no confirmation e-mail. So she logged on a few hours later and bought more tickets. This time, her purchase went through. But her credit-card bill tells a different story. The airline actually charged her twice - once for the tickets she believed she hadn't bought, and another time for the ones she did. Now Lopez wants her money back for one set. US Airways won't do it, citing its "no refunds" policy. Is she out of luck?

Rest at:
The exact same thing happened to me; I was in the process of booking a ticket and the website messed up, and then I booked another ticket, and even though I ended up with only 1 ticket I was charged twice. I just called US Airways and the first attempted booking was just completely erased from the system and 1 charge was refunded with no problem. I called within a few hours of making the reservations, though.
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I'm sorry, but simple diligence is all that's needed to prevent this mistake.

If the website screws up while booking, why not login to your account and look at your reservations? Why not call the airline?
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She got her refund

Kristine Lopez got her refund according to our favorite blogger Chris Elliott.
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Still a 24 hour grace period?

I tried search and can't find anything on the US website, but is there still a 24 hour grace period for cancelling a US reservation booked on the US website without a penalty?
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Originally Posted by DFWFlier
I tried search and can't find anything on the US website, but is there still a 24 hour grace period for cancelling a US reservation booked on the US website without a penalty?
No. No longer.
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