Bad IAH Experience

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Angry Bad IAH Experience

Recently I was traveling to Monterrey, Mexico through IAH on my way to a wedding. My ticket was with Continental and I traveled in February of this year. I checked one bag and the flight from my home airport in North Carolina to IAH was on time and uneventful. I had a scheduled 2+ hour layover in IAH for the last flight to Monterrey that Friday evening. The flight to Monterrey wa showing delayed by about 20 minutes, the incoming flight from BWI was delayed, OK, no problem. I had some dinner, a few drinks and returned to the gate, still the flight was showing delayed. Well the flight from BWI arrived about 30 minutes late and then everything began to go downhill. The plane from BWI had a mechanical issue and our flight to Monterrey kept getting pushed back and back and back. Finally we changed gates and boarded a different aircraft and left IAH about 3 hours late. Just before landing in Monterrey, the plane engines roar and up we go, I could see the runway out of my window. We were informed we were returning to IAH due to weather in Monterrey. What? So we return to IAH and it is now 2:30 in the morning. There were two CO agents to help an entire 737 of people.

The following ensued: An offer to fly me to MTY at 5:40p on Saturday,no offer of hotel or discounted hotel, meal voucher or transportation voucher and when I inquired about my luggage the answer was, "I have no idea where it is". The agent indicated it was a weather related cancellation and they had no obligation to help any of us out, trying to explain the BWI mechanical issue was useless.

Do you think I can get some sort of compensation from CO/UA for the additional $140.00 I spent on a hotel, meals and transportation or is this just wishful thinking.

Oh my luggage was lost for 2 days - I returned to North Carolina on Saturday and missed the wedding
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