I did like TWA...

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I did like TWA...

hated to see you geaux...
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Me too...
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Many memories on the TWA L-1011 crossing the Atlantic and just from PHX-LAS doing mileage runs when triple miles were the hit in the late 80s.
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Long live our favorite memories, lots of them.
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Ah, so nice to see a post on the TWA board. It's been too long since I had to type those three letters together; T-W-A.

I have mixed feelings now about the AA purchase of TWA assets, especially with the entire industry in the tank and AA losing money. I bet the folks who worked in the airline industry just prior to TWA 800 and then into the purchase couldn't have imagined the situation as it is now in their wildest dreams. It might actually have been a blessing in disguise because, for instance, I'm sure there are some JFK based FA's, mechanics, ramp, gate agents who now work for Jet Blue. Nice to at least work for a growing company that seems to know where it's going.
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ahh.....my old lover. I still fantasize about you!
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The first flight I remember taking was on TWA, flying New York-Palm Beach at age 2 or 3. Alas.
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My first flts on TWA were on th "Super Connies" as a child, later was returned home from Europe when in the military on a chartered Super Connie that still had TWA seat covers but was an air charter company....ah fond memories I do have of you.
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I proposed to my wife inside JFK T5 (we're still married) http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/biggrin.gif
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--North Star Over My Shoulder--
This is a must-read for all who have traveled and loved TW. Author is Captain Bob Buck, a TWA and aviation legend.
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Hard to believe it now, but even at the end TWA was the best, or at least a **** sight better than what we see today.

Steak dinners STL-BOS. Incredible transcon cabin service LAX-JFK. Cheap tix courtesy of Lowestfare. About a 90% upgrade score. Using the Ambassador Club on your American Express card. Never lost a bag and never but once (bad tire coming back from Miami) any major delays.

Yeah, I miss em.
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The first first class flight i ever took was on a TWA 747 from ord- lax in the early 70"s.
The food and the service, and the general ambience will always be a wonderful memory for me.the upstairs lounge was the essence of CLASS.
I had the good fortune to be in FC on TW 760 lax- lhr in the late 80's and sat with Ann- Margret- well, in the same cabin. Still wonderful food and serivce back then.
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I was loyal to TWA (and still am today) since my first flight at two weeks of age on an L-1011. This airline took me overseas, both coasts, to visit family, to travel for work, to travel for school, to commute to college, to funerals. TWA people are the best in the business, and I still make it a point to travel on the ex-TWA flights, with TWA-logo lapel pin on my jacket. Nothing beat those solid-red carpeted walls with white TWA logo... Those great 1979-issued uniforms too. http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/smile.gif

"What's the best way to fly today? TWA's the way.... Discover the world, the wonderful world, of T-W-A. Let Trans World Airlines be your host, when you travel the world or fly coast to coast. On a business trip or a holiday, make your reservations on T-W-A. TWA's the way!" - 1960's ad
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by JSeiple:
. Nothing beat those solid-red carpeted walls with white TWA logo... Those great 1979-issued uniforms too. http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/smile.gif
If you are ever in the older terminal at SJC the gate near security (gate 3?) still has the red carpet wall, complete with a working aluminum clock, but the TWA logo is long gone. The 2 airlines I never managed to fly in the 70's & 80's was TWA & Pan-Am, so I never got to experience either in what I assume was there golden age?.
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TWA was once my favortie Airline. I liked L1011's and TWA had them. So did Delta but DL didn't fly non-stop LAX-IAD. I used to go on TWA894/895 almost every week. Only thing I didn't like was some of the flight attendants who were huffy about not wanting us putting wheeled bags in the L1011 overhead bins. At least DL replaced the verticle bins with more normal ones on some of their L1011's.

Then TWA stopped the non-stop service from LAX-IAD around the time when they sold a bunch of their US to Eurpoe routes. I had so many FF miles and status that I kept flying TWA. They used to have a funky DC9-50 that went LAX-DCA with a stop in STL but the same plane. I used to like it because if it was cancelled there was still an L1011 at 1:30 with a connection to DCA so I wasn't totally burned. I don't know if it was the same DC9 each time but 3 different times on this flight when I was travelling we had to fly at below 10,000 ft for the last hour or 2 of the flight from LAX-STL because the plane would loose pressurization and then we'd sit in STL while they replaced a door gasket.

I finally fired TWA because one morning I was sitting in my 1st class aisle seat in an L1011 and the door was closed, the flight was already 20 minutes past scheduled departure. Then they reopend the door and a gate agent came on board and came to my seat and asked me to move to a middle seat in coach. I said I had a reserved 1st class seat based on their policy of 72 hour in advance upgrade. I showed my boarding pass stub and said that it was more than 20 minutes past scheduled departure let alone 20 minutes before departure and whay would he want to give my seat to someone else anyhow ? He said I had the lowest fare of anyone in 1st so he was asking me to move so some passanger who was connecting to an international flight could take my seat and if I didn't move he would summon security. I got his name and moved. They did get me an aisle. The flight attendants knew me from taking this flight regularly and they brought me a first class meal to my downgraded seat. I wrote to TWA to complain and never received a reply.

So I stopped flying TWA because I got so annoyed when I'd see this same guy each time and switched to Delta for a while but then it became too inconvenient so go UA now. May have to change brands again if they don't turn around soon.
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