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Hello All!

Here in SIN the Leonardo DiCaprio/Tom Hanks film "Catch me if you Can" is ending its engagement, so I took the opportunity to take it in. I for one was swept up in a rush of memories in the scenes filmed at JFK's "Trans World Flight Centre" (Still the best name out there) T5. As a young boy, I remember running up and down those Saarinin tubes, and waiting in line at the all-too-small customs area, and snacking on canapes at the once grand Constellation Club. So... a question to all those who would be better in the know:

What is to come of that hallowed space? I remember that immediately after the swallowing of TW, an article appeared (somewhere?) implyign that UA would refurbish it and make it a new home. Given US airline financial statements, I realise this may be a stretch today. But, I for one would love to see the Gand Dame open her doors once more. She is, after all, still the greatest thing JFK has to offer.

Thanks in advance for all your insights.
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I remember reading an article a couple of month's ago, when Catch me if you can first came out. I just tried doing a web search for it, but no luck. If I remember correctly, future plans call for demolishing the actual gate areas, but preserving the central terminal area for restaurants, shops etc.

Hopefully someone else has more information
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I think it's still up in the air, but current plans have T5 becoming some sort of museum or other non-operational space. UA definitely won't be moving in.

JetBlue uses the area around it as a parking lot, but I don't think there are any plans to revive it as a passenger terminal.
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