A reminiscence

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A reminiscence

I picked up an old (1959) timetable for TWA earlier in the fall for $5 at an antique store...

3 nonstops each way JFK-LAX and JFK-SFO, and ORD-LAX on 707s

More interesting, though are the int'l schedules (all on prop planes)

Sunday: JFK-LIS-MAD-Algiers-Tunis-FCO leave JFK at 1330, arr LIS at 0525, arr FCO at 1515, JFK-FRA-MXP-FCO-CAI, lv JFK 1630, arr FRA 1010, arr CAI 2305. PHL-JFK-CDG-FCO-ATH-TLV, JFK-LHR-FRA,ORD-LHR-FRA...

In other words, long flights.

Other interesting things are the "Polar Route"--LAX-SFO-CDG-MXP-FCO. Leave LAX at 2230 on Tues. Arr SFO 2358 Tues. Leave SFO 0045 Wed Arr CDG 0440 on THURSDAY (you lose an entire day!) finally get to FCO at 0940.

They have a footnote "a fuel stop (s) may be necessary"

The return on the Polar route...Lv Rome 1715 on Thursday, arr CDG 2125, lv CDG 2230, arr SFO Friday at 1235, (again, fuel stop may be needed) and finally arrive LAX 1512.

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Wasn't flying yet back then, but many pleasant memories of TWA over the years. My first int'l trip, a high school trip to Italy in 1972. My first trip to Paris in 1982 or 83. My first trip to Hawaii in 1984 or 85. Many many TWA trips over the years, a lot of great people, and a lot of great miles. Thanks for the memories TWA.

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Thanks for the intersting history of a once great airline!
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My first airplane trip on TWA 483 EWR-MCI nonstop May 1, 1967. I also applied for a job with TW as a res agent in June 1967 but was turned down, no experience http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/frown.gif AA welcomed me with open arms http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/wink.gif
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by jamiel:
Other interesting things are the "Polar Route"--LAX-SFO-CDG-MXP-FCO. </font>
I assume that the schedule talked about flights to Paris and Milan and not those airports; neither the Roissy (CDG) nor Malpensa (MXP) airports existed in 1959.

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You are correct about Paris (airport listed as Orly) but Milan is listed as Malpensa.

The phone number for TW at Paris was
BAlzac 10-83, at Milan 794653 daytime, Gallarate 21775 after hours...

London: Trafalgar 1234
Shannon: 96
TLV: 67364
Gander, NF: 723

In the USA the phone numbers were all two letters/5 digits except for Clearwater, FL (39-3811), Peoria (7-4449) Tampa (2-0988) and Williamsport, PA (8-8683).
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I remember flying Round the World with them in 1970. We flew LAX-Honolulu-Guam to Hong Kong, which was a very long routing across the mid Pacific. Picked up again, Hong Kong to Bangkok. Next leg was Bangkok to Bombay to Tel Aviv. Finally to JFK via Paris. 707's, with real legroom in coach, and vacant seats beside you. Ah, those were the days.
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