TWA mileage transfer to AA is wrong

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TWA mileage transfer to AA is wrong

If you have not been using your AA FF number, then you will not be able to GET any upgrade certificates when all your miles transfer to AA. They say they do not know where all the miles came from so they will not issue upgrades stickers. They say if you had used the AA number, then you could get stickers. What is wrong with this picture. Any one here in the same boat? They did not explain this at all. All the $ go in the same pot so now as an almost Executive Platinum, I am being looked at as a lowly passenger. I plan to send them my YTD summary.

What arrogance.
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I'm not even elite on AA or TWA, but I recently flew TWA and it was like getting teeth pulled to get them to enter my AA number instead of the TWA number I had entered when I made the reservation. With TW's double miles promo having ended 11/15, but not AA's, I wanted the miles credited to AA to get the double miles, but both agents I had to go through to get this done (the first one had entered my FF number inocorrectly) insisted it was unnecessary, though I'm pretty sure that's not the case.
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yup, this is a problem, but if you were an elite, elite1 or plt, you were getting free upgrades for the past few years and if you were flying aa, you would be paying for them. Its a *****, but at least our miles did not get devalued (at least what is left in your account on Nov. 30) and you were probably comped to your status.

I'm not as concerned about this, but more concerned that AA will take my 48,000 actual miles flown this year on my aviators account and combine it with the 55K on my Aadvantage account to give me Explat status. If that doesn't happen, I'm going to be pretty ticked off.

Why did I not put all my miles on AA from the beginning you ask? Well, they didn't give me the offer of an AA Plat card until May.

BTW, if you have any london travel planned in the next few months and have the patience to sit through the waiting musak of aviators, you can cash in a 40K upgrade and AA will honor it. A savings of 10K for hopefully the TWO service out of STL. Better than AA's Business Class (except the amenity kits)....

okay, back to work.

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There were a number of tradeoffs in choosing to get AA credit vs. TW credit over the past few months.

In favor of AA, your miles counted towards free upgrade certificates. In favor of TW, they still offered the 750/1000 mile minimum per flight compared to AA's 500 mile minimum.

Because I've taken few short haul flights in the past few months, all my credit has been towards AA (especially considering I would get a 25% bonus as TW Elite vs 100% bonus as AA Platinum). Never did I have any problems getting my AAdvantage number put on my record.

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They told me that they were adding up the total year to date mileage from my TWA with my American, so even though I didn't fly AA much I should get Platinum because of all the TWA miles.

So at least I'll get a 100% mileage bonus, which will offset TWA's very generous minimum miles. I will miss the stickerless upgrades of TWA, but maybe AA will have a twinge of generocity at the end of the year and put a few upgrades in my account for Christmas.

I'll miss TWA, but at least the miles are not disappearing, much like my Pan Am miles that became Delta miles, and my Eastern miles that became Continental.

In a few more years there will probably be only two or three major airlines plus a bunch of regional airlines that partner with one another.
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I also heard the same thing from aadvantage this week. It was good to hear since I was really starting to lose sleep and this is getting a bit outrageous.

I will miss short hops stl-mci, stl-mke that gained me 1000 miles. I will also miss the nice people who always could help me get what I needed done.

I will not miss the cranky people at STL manning the STL-LGW flight and the JFK ticketing agents.

I will miss the marvelous women (always?) who were my angels in CDG and DCA Ambassador's Clubs.


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