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What Will You Miss About TWA When It Is Gone?

What Will You Miss About TWA When It Is Gone?

Old Sep 27, 01, 3:12 pm
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What Will You Miss About TWA When It Is Gone?

Hi everyone,

I do not know if this question has been asked to any of you loyal and long-time TWA flyers before. If it has, I do apologize.

I was just curious to know which things about TWA you will miss as the name fades away, and the operations are brought into AA.

I would figure that one of the things you would say is the "Buy Coach, Fly First" program.

I have membership in Aviators, but have not as yet used it, as AA is usually my primary choice. I was thinking of taking a TWA flight before the name goes away and the livery on all of the aircraft changes.

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Old Sep 27, 01, 3:52 pm
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I will miss two things:
  • flying in first class always! In the past three years on TWA I haven't sat in the back once. Thank you, TWA!!
  • getting two miniature bottles always! In TWA first class if you ask for a mixed drink the give you a glass of mixer and two miniatures. This was a consistent policy and I can't count the number of miniatures sitting on my cupboard shelf at home as a result.

I realize these seem trivial, but hey, it's the little things that count. I'd mention that I'll miss all the nice people, but I hope I'll still see them around (though that seems less and less probable).
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Old Sep 27, 01, 5:54 pm
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I second tfjim's comment. Upgrade is a piece of cake, the liquor miniatures to mix drink yourselves, seeing the same crews on board and at the airport for my weekly flights. TWA is a very well known airline oversea (thanks to the media and the hijackers). In some part of the world, people think I must be very brave to fly TWA, hahahaha.
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Old Sep 27, 01, 6:57 pm
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The BEST perk: For Platinum Avaitors, Use Award travel for any flight with a seat for sale - NO Blackouts, NO limited seating. And includes anyone else flying with the Platinum member. I am 100% on Award flights on date and time I want to fly.

Also, very generous minimum mileage and bonuses. With 1,000 minimums, need only 25 - 4 segment short round trips to get Platinum status (and fewer if you have some 1,000 mi + segements).

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Old Sep 27, 01, 8:25 pm
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There are lots of little things that I'll miss, including:

F, F, and more F, especially on the 767s to/from LAX. All the legroom in the world, like the coveted "double upgrade", available for upgrades from any fare.

Captain Kramer and all the rest of the employees who kept the airline flying through the years.

The ease of award travel as a Plat is coming in extremely handy for a family vacation to the Carribbean during peak Holiday travel season.

The best livery of any domestic carrier, and IMO, on par with any in the world.

As has been said, 1000 "actual mile" minimums for all Elites.

The ability to get from STL to pretty much any point in the continental US non-stop.

Employees who truly value your business as a frequent flyer.

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Old Sep 28, 01, 10:09 am
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What will I miss most of all the years I have flown TWA?
1. The fun I've had in flying. I have not enjoyed flying any airline as much as TWA.
2. Safety. Knowing that TWA's crews were the best trained in the industry, and their exceptional maintainence program.
3. All those many fine employees who have looked after us for so many years. We always thought we were part of the TWA family.
4. Seeing so many of our TWA friends less frequently than in the past.
5. Fine service, second to none, even in those dark Uncle Carl years. Somehow, someone always did something to make passengers focus on the many good things about TWA, and not consider so many shortcomings.
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Old Sep 28, 01, 10:28 am
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You guys pretty much hit it on the head and are making me a bit verklempt right here at work (sniff)....

*professional crew members-attendants and pilots
*great ground staff, especially in Seattle where they have very senior people who know how to figure out the most complicated of requests
*pretty good response from the aviators desk (especially in chicago)
*Christine in the ambassador's club at CDG and the very nice women that work in the club at DCA
*an airline with 76 years of history, travelling everywhere

I just completed my last TWO Sea-lgw-sea travel. It was still fabulous, even with
plastic cutlery in FC!

I used to berate this airline, but as I look around at the others, I wondering how AA will match up. It hasn't impressed me so far.

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Old Sep 28, 01, 5:46 pm
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Terminal 5 at JFK.

Who is John Galt?
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Old Sep 29, 01, 5:51 pm
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Maybe i am wrong but i thought that AA would let TWA fly in her own name but with new paint scheme?

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Old Sep 29, 01, 6:46 pm
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At some point the TWA will go away. I have heard all sorts of dates, some as soon as this December. However, even if it happens next year, TWA will be completely merged into American (though for awhile until the certification happens, you may see former TWA employees flying the former TWA planes). An end of an era.

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Old Sep 30, 01, 7:09 am
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The end of the era is right..I'm actually losing a sibling. My Dad retired on Friday with 54 years 6 months and 26 days of service. No, I didn't make a typo. TWA has been a part of my life and I hate to see her go down in this manner.
What a beaut she was in her heyday, there will never be another to compare it to, those days are over.
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Old Sep 30, 01, 4:11 pm
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What will I miss about TWA?

When TWA is gone, I will mourn the loss of the airline. TWA was the world'spreeminent airline. The Lindbergh Line. The airline of Howard Hughes. It wasn't a simple means of conveyance, it was magic.

The people of Trans World Airlines never gave up. The only peace in this situation is that TWA will be reunited with her crown jewels, service to and from London's Heathrow Airport, and many of her people will have retirement benefits. With the TWA transaction complete, American will finally be entitled to its "Something Special in the Air" moniker.

What will I miss about TWA?

Her grandiloquent style. She was one classy lady...
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Old Sep 30, 01, 9:17 pm
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Gosh, what memories. My first trip overseas, on a class trip in high school, to Rome and Italy in 1972. My firs trips to Hawaii, Paris, San Francisco were all on TWA. A lot of great trips. Always treated as if I was a VIP (Very Important Passenger) even when flying in coach.
I've logged a few hundred thousand miles on TWA and will certainly miss her.

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