Early use of TW miles in AAdvantage

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Early use of TW miles in AAdvantage

Got this from rec.travel.air in usenet. I am not validating the statement below but it may be of interest to those who are awaiting transfer of TW miles to AAdvantage.

"I found ou today from an American AAdvantage person that if you want to
fly AA on TW miles before they get around to transferring the
miles(which will take months) you may call American ONLY on the day you
are ready to redeem miles and make a reservation, and join AAdvantage
and tell them that you would like your TWA miles transferred to AA. AA
will call TWA, transfer the miles and close the Aviator's account. It
can only be down on the day you wish to make a reservation and redeem
the miles."
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My understanding is that if you book an AA award flight, or really any AAdv award, and you have insufficient miles in the AAdv account, you can transfer your Aviator balance to AAdv. But it must be for an established reservation. The whole balance will transfer, but I did not understand it would close the Aviator account. There is even a procedure where you dont have to transfer the full balance, so this would not necessarily be true.

But you must have an AAdvantage account that has had activity posted to it, must have an award reservation, and must have insufficient AAdv miles to cover the award.

This is somewhat similar to AA previous agreement with USAir, but you dont have to claim special awards as you do when using USAir miles.

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I think Terenz means that this must be done on the day you wish to redeem miles for an award, not the actual day you wish to travel. In other words, you must be ready to go through with the award reservation and redeem miles, not be just thinking about doing it.
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Paul, I agree. You read it better than I did. One can book a reservation, have it put on a courteousy hold, then come back and ticket it using Aviator miles.

But one cant use their Aviator miles to do this when they have sufficient miles in the AAdvantage account to cover the award.

If one cancells an award ticket using Aviator miles, the miles will not return to Aviator, but the member would be subject to the reinstatement fees.

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I'm assuming this includes those of us who already have AAdvantage accounts...no need to join AAdvantage again to transfer miles, correct?
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