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Dca txl nue

Dca txl nue

Old Jul 6, 09, 3:51 am
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The appetizers were served on a plate divided into 5
compartments, the dividers in the shape of a V with an
o circumscribed in it.

The fish terrine was pretty decent, but there was almost
as much chopped pickled carrot (same color, cheaper) as
char in the terrine. The pickled cucumber slices were
dead sweet.

Two little slices of lightly cured veal tenderloin done
medium, pretty nice; kohlrabi in mayonnaise isn't my idea
of a good time, but it was pretty good.

The asparagus was a mixture of green, not so green, and
not green at all, pickled, mixed with little tomato dice.

The green salad had all the fashionable greens and was a
little bitter; the herb dressing (dill and parsley mostly)
helped a bit. Best were the seeds - pepita and sunflower -
but one had to apply these oneself, and the spoon and fork
were hard to maneuver in the little odd-shaped compartment
that they came in.

I asked for and got the chicken, a quarter breast, with
skin, done crisp outside and still moist inside, quite
decent. It came atop a mishmosh of barley risotto and
creamed cucumber, which mixture was okay.

I like woodruff, and a mousse made out of it was a fine
thing. Very delicate almost vanillary flavor. I detected
no lime.

My IFE was much better this time, and I thrilled to the
Emerson's high-energy but very eccentric version of the
Janacek quartets, Pletnev doing the Prokofiev 3rd concerto,
a dazzling performance of the Korngold violin concerto by
some German I hadn't heard of, and stuff like that. Bad
thing: there doesn't seem to be a way of listening to music
and watching the Airshow at the same time. Airshow comes
with its own soundtrack, which consists of the Lufthansa
corporate song and other nonmusical things.

Tried the total horizontal trick that SZG had taught me -
the front button seemed to be disconnected, though, so that
although the seat went flat, the leg rest part just sort of
flopped over. I tried three sleep positions: the "ergonomic"
one, the tilted flat one, and the flat one with my legs in
the tilted flat position. None was ideal, and I found myself
wishing for a lie-flat UA C seat - or even one of the old C
seats, which I slept in very well. I did get between 3 and
4 hours, though.

An hour before landing came the snack. I chose Focus Sensors
- three cute little dishes such as you would expect in a
29-course tasting dinner: two tiny slices of very gamy
deer ham topped with a compote of figs and some crushed
walnuts (an ugly artless presentation, though). It was
pretty good, though the schinken was extremely well hung and
perhaps not to everyone's taste. An ounce of tiny crayfish
in an herb vinaigrette tasted fresh but underseasoned. A
cute little tart somewhat smaller than my thumb completed
the meal; alongside it was a marzipan sabayon that made the
dish and possibly the meal.

Champagne Jacquart Brut Mosaique was kind of dull, though
piquantly bitter on the palate. Not much fruit, and what
there was was stone.

2006 Canonico Salento Negroamaro, Cantine due Palme - this
was annoyingly, cloyingly sweet with flavors of prune,
raisin, and fig. It went okay with the food but not so okay
as the Ch. Liversan, which I replaced it with.

2007 Donaugarten Gruner Veltliner Federspiel, Domaine
Wachau - I didn't care for this the first time, as it
was kind of soapy and strange, but the FA opened a new
bottle for me, and some nice fruit and spiciness came
out. Went well with the crayfish salad and sort of okay
with the schinken.

There was also a Cognac from Frapin I think, which was
okay and oaky and kayoed me.

I thought we'd get in early, because we were on line for the
My Old Apartment approach about 20 minutes early, but when
we got to my waypoint we were still about 10000 feet and way
too high to land; we went just to the east of Logan, halfway
to Providence, and then back north using the approach I
usually see on Shuttle flights.

Not much line at Immigration; a few easy questions and (this
happens half the time) a pointed reminder that my passport
is on its last legs, and I was out of there.

My bag with its priority tag was #54 coming out (what else
is there to do when waiting?). To give them credit, most
of the first 40 had priority tags as well.
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Old Jul 6, 09, 3:52 am
Original Poster
Join Date: Mar 2000
Location: IAD, BOS, PVD
Programs: UA, US, AS, Marriott, Radisson, Hilton
Posts: 7,203
Checked in: the machine asked me if I'd like to change to
the 1600 flight, and as there's no button for "maybe" I
pushed yes: big mistake, as it put me in an aisle in Y;
I hit cancel, but though Mr. Turkey dumped me out into the
welcome screen, apparently he confirmed me in Y on the 1600,
cancelling my F seat on the 1700. It took a human five
minutes of furious typing to fix this.

Even though I have an RCC membership, I tried getting into
the US club as a *G on an international itinerary. The agent
said that she'd make a one-time exception for me.

There's no booze there. There was, in my favorite work area,
a physically rather cute brunette who talked nonstop and
loud on the phone. I went to the other work area and still
could hear her.

US2043 BOS DCA 1700 1834 319 2A

A double Glenlivet kept me happy for this mostly bumpy trip.
The FAs were good, and we got into Washington more or less
on time, with a landing that was bumpy enough to make gasps
throughout the cabin.

I was homesick for Schauferle already so instead of doing
the bus-subway-bus thing I went for the more expensive
Union Station route, which took me to Sbarro, which at
least here serves roast mediocre pork, but at least it's
roast and pork and breakfast. 6.69/lb, so I got half a
pound of cracklings and fatty meat for breakfast. This time,
the meat had been rubbed in an odd mixture of seasonings
including basil, coriander seed, mustard, red pepper, and
celery seed - the result was vaguely currylike but not bad.

I was told that it was a big security day at the train
station, and I did see sniffer dogs about, but the MARC is
apparently too small to deal with, so it wasn't dealt with.

US3040 BWI PHL 1100 1146 ER4 12F

Decided to haul a suitcase of chocolate, hot sesame oil, and
bamboo shoots in chili sauce back north so checked a bag.

I had one of the few empties on the flight, but I heard some
elderly lady tell her even more elderly husband he should go
sit next to me for the legroom. I took my briefcase out from
the overhead and put it catty-corner from me underneath.
Nobody sat next to me.

The flight was insignificant in every way, except that it
got me where it said it was going to at about the time it
said it was going to.

Visits to the RCC for the free wireless and the chatty
bartender and then the big US club for the comfort, and
then off to the gate.

US1596 PHL BDL 1540 1649 E90 1F

A friendly guy who does the roofing for McDonalds was my
seatmate on this short little flight, during which I had a
Glenlivet and several bags of cranberry nut mix.

The bag returned to me, #41 in line despite TWO red Star
Alliance priority tags. It had been rummaged through and had
a note to that effect, but I think it was entirely intact
except for the hot sesame oil (but I may have forgotten to
pack it so am not so hasty to blame the TSA).
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