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I'm A Nut - LCY-ZRH-HKG-BKK-HKG-ZRH-LCY in J for a weekend

I'm A Nut - LCY-ZRH-HKG-BKK-HKG-ZRH-LCY in J for a weekend

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I'm A Nut - LCY-ZRH-HKG-BKK-HKG-ZRH-LCY in J for a weekend

At the risk of people thinking I actually fly anywhere near the number of miles as Kiwi Flyer I have been off on another journey. This time the destination was Hong Kong with a day trip to Bangkok thrown in for good measure (doesn't everyone?). Well BKK to be exact as I never left the airport.

Some of you may remember my RTW report in First on OW carriers, or perhaps my F experience on BA to YYZ or my most recent missive – Planes, trains and cherry blossoms again in F on BA.

As an unusual departure for me (pun intended) I flew on *A carriers this time round.
This long weekend trip commenced on a LX flight from LCY to ZRH on an Avro thingy operated by Swiss European Airlines.
An hour or two later I was heading east to the Far East on an LX A340.

The thought of not having to make my way on a Friday evening from my work in London to Heathrow was one of the most pleasing aspects of this itinerary. Not only is LHR difficult to negotiate but negotiating tubes and trains to get there is a chore in itself.

At 16:45 I shut down my computer (we are green now), changed my clothes and hoofed it across the river to Southwark station. There I caught the tube to Canning Town station where I switched over to the DLR to London City Airport.

On arrival at the airport there were quite a few people around but not overly crowded. When I approached the Swiss desks there was only one person in front of me. The agent from the Y queue called me over and took my passport. She was dressed in KLM kit so I gather was an outsourced agent for multiple carriers at LCY.

She had great difficulty checking me in as I pointed out that the BP that was printed for the ZRH-HKG leg had a different seat to that which I had checked into online the night before. She did some more tapping and discovered that I was checked in to two different seats. She did some more tapping and changed the baggage tag to my preferred seat but could not manage to kill the other seat assignment for me. She asked me to see the gate agent in ZRH to double check that my bag would be loaded from ZRH-HKG.

Finally with two BPs and a voucher for £4 to use in lieu of there being no lounge facilities, I headed upstairs to security.

Remember what I said about looking forward to the joy of not using LHR on a Friday night? Well knock me down with a feather. Normally you get to the top of the escalators and turn right to get to security. This evening I had to turn left and keep walking and turn left and keep walking until I got to the back of the queue. The queue snaked its way down into the bowels of the building past some VIP lounges and then doubled back on itself to head back to the security area. I had plenty of time before my flight but was none the less quite shocked to see such a long queue. It was fun watching people’s faces as the got to the corner of the queue and realised how long it really was as it doubled back.

To the credit of LCY the queue moved very quickly and I was lined up at the machine within 15 minutes. I was the lucky third punter and was asked to remove my shoes.

I went to the coffee shop and grabbed a coffee and biscuit with my voucher. No sooner had I found a place to sit and sup when my flight started showing as boarding. I sat a bit longer and downed some of my coffee before making the long walk to the gate at the other end of the terminal.

My little white bird with a sore tail was waiting for me and I was able to board as soon as I got to the gate.

Flight LX 0467 LCY – ZRH
Seat 3A
Departure time: 18:25
Aircraft: Avro RJ100

Once I was seated the FA came around with papers, a refresher towel and a bottle of water.

As you could expect the flight was pretty full with business types all heading back to ZRH. I am not sure whether by accident or design but by some fortune I managed to have the seat next to me remain vacant for the flight.

There was a flurry of late arrivals to the aircraft at around 18:18 after which we battened down the hatches prepared for take off.

I recall the last time I attempted to leave from LCY on an LX flight. We had begun boarding and were settling in to our seats when all the oxygen masks came flying out of their hidey holes. Needless to say that flight didn’t go anywhere and we were all offloaded.

Thankfully the oxygen masks remained elusive, as they should, and we were soon being tugged out to the runway at 18:35.

We took off heading back towards London and quickly banked around to head for the continent.

At 18:45 the seat belt signs were off and the FA started to serve a snack of smoked Turkey and walnut, carrot and sultana salad. The guy in front of me had his seat all the way back for the entire flight and kudos to the FA she asked me if I would like her to ask him to put it up whilst I ate.
Also on the tray was a small mousse cake for dessert. Rolls were offered along with wines, juices and a sparkling wine. Guess what I had? Ha, ha you’re wrong – I had the white wine.

After the meal was taken away more drinks were offered and then coffee and tea were served with the traditional Swiss chocolate.

We touched down in a wet and cold Zurich at 21:01 local time.
We parked at an outstand and two buses were waiting for the plane. When the first was only partly full we took off for the terminal building. ^

I made my way through the very empty airport to terminal E where my flight was to depart from. When I got to E I thought I had made a fatal mistake as I couldn’t find a lounge to rest my bones whilst waiting for the next leg of my trip. I asked a bored looking gentleman at a transfer desk and he pointed me in the direction of the Bellevue Lounge further down the terminal.

The lounge was upstairs with nice views over the apron and had free computer access to the internet, a small self service bar with a limited array of snack food.
I grabbed a G&T and did the sudoku in the evening London paper whilst waiting.
At around an hour later I made my way back to the gate and checked in with the gate agent about my bags. After much typing and scratching of heads the lovely lady sorted out my seating arrangements By this time boarding had commenced with a dedicated lane for First, Business and *A elites.

Flight LX 0138 ZRH – HKG
Seat 4K
Departure time: 22:45
Aircraft: A340

I was on the plane and settling into seat 4K in next to no time. There was an amenity kit, blanket and pillow on each seat.
The crew got busy as we started to board and champagne, orange juice and water were offered. Then a selection of newspapers was offered and finally the menu cards for the flight.

First Courses

Pine tree smoked and marinated salmon trout on a chanterelle mushroom and young fennel salad with a crisp of aged Parmesan and dried blossoms.

Asparagus soup with chervil

Main Course

Beef tenderloin sautéed with a grape mustard glaze served with gravy from the pan, potato and spinach gratin and tomato
Tomato and ricotta tortellini in a creamy sauce with diced tomatoes and fresh basil, garnished with Parmesan


Selection of Swiss cheeses


Torrone nougat with passion fruit coulis

Swiss chocolates
Coffee and a selection of teas

The FA took my order for main course whilst we were still on the ground.

At 22:54 we pushed back from the gate and were barrelling down the runway by 23:05.

I am not sure if this is normal for LX or due to the lateness of the flight but there was no pre-dinner drinks offered. After the crew were allowed to get on with their jobs it was straight into the meal service.

An FA came and laid the table with a cloth and then two of them came back up the aisle with a cart each.

One FA had the drink cart and another food. The FA placed the tray with my starter and the cheese on the tray already. I was asked if I wanted the soup as well which was then handed over in a cup.
The drinks waiter, err FA then offered a variety of drinks alcoholic and non from her cart.

Wine List


Jacquart Brut Mosaique, Reims, France

White Wine
Schafiser AOC 2005, Caves Garnier SA, Switzerland

Chenin Blanc 2006, Villiera, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Red Wine
Vin du Pays des Trois-Lacs 2005, Caves Garnier SA, Switzerland

Chateau de Pic 2003, Premieres Cotes de Bordeaux, France

Pinotage 2004, DeWaal, Stellenbosch, South Africa

SWISS Discovery Wine

Porto Niepoort Tawny, Portugal

After quite a long pause and lots of banging and clashing in the galley the same two cart procedure was played out. This time the remains of the starter were cleared away and the main course was set on my table. A further offer of drinks and rolls was made as the FA twosome made their way to the back of J. The drinks waiter also offered freshly ground black pepper, for the meal, not my wine.

My beef was probably the best tasting and best prepared beef meal I have ever had on an aircraft. It did not taste stewed and was cooked to perfection, just a little pink inside and very tender.

After I had demolished the main course the tray was removed and small dessert tarts were passed around. There was no sign of the nougat with passion fruit that was mentioned on the menu.

Coffee and tea followed along with a tray of Lindt chocolates to top off the

I didn’t really try the entertainment system much but had a play with the AVOD to see what was on offer.

After dinner the lights were switched off and I hunkered down for some kip.
I know some folks have complained that the LX seat is too short. I would concur. I don’t mind the angled seat arrangement but the lack of leg room seemed evident when I put the seat down. The seat seemed similar to the current CX J seat but I don’t think it goes quite as flat, and the CX seat has more leg space available.
I eventually found a good sleeping position and was able to get a good few hours sleep before the cabin lights were switched on again 1 hour 45 minutes prior to landing.


Fresh seasonal fruit

Selection of yoghurts

Scrambled eggs and grilled smoked pork accompanied by diced tomatoes and sauteed potatoes
Pear clafoutis

Or you may prefer our cold selection:
Farmer's Ham, Swiss air-dried beef, "Ammerlander" cheese, Camembert and cherry tomato

Assortment of breakfast breads served with butter and preserves

Coffee and a selection of teas

A similar routine to dinner was then played out by the FA’s. One with the food cart and one with the drinks cart. The breakfast tray had fruit on it and I was offered yoghurt and rolls, croissants etc as well before the drinks cart passed by with juice, coffee and tea.
Again a long pause between courses and the two cart system made its way to row 4 again. My main course and more rolls landed on my tray and then a top up of juice and coffee.

After all was cleared away we were asked to prepare for landing by the captain. We flew straight into HKG and landed amid some afternoon rain.

We pulled up at a gate very close to the main body of the terminal and it was a short walk to the immigration desks. Unfortunately I turned left instead of right and ended up at a very busy, very slow immigrations area. Eventually I made my way through and walked up to the baggage belt where my bag had just spewed forth. I quickly caught up with it, lifted it up and kept walking straight out through customs. Heathrow this aint!

I caught the express train into HKG and the bus to the Conrad where I was to spend the first of my two nights in Hong Kong.

Pictures LCY-ZRH-HKG

Day 2 - Day trip to BKK airport

Day 3 - HKG back to London

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Originally Posted by Moomba View Post
At the risk of people thinking I actually fly anywhere near the number of miles as Kiwi Flyer I have been off on another journey. This time the destination was Hong Kong with a day trip to Bangkok thrown in for good measure (doesn't everyone?). Well BKK to be exact as I never left the airport.
Hey I resemble that! At least your quick trip would have been in more comfort than mine and tht's RTW in under 60 hours effort.

Nice start to the report so far moomba ^

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Back when I had my one year pass for unlimited First Class on United, I used to fly roundtrip to Hawaii for the day. Of course, people thought that was pretty nutty but I think this quick R/T to HKG via BKK may well trump any of my craziness.

Well, I did fly to from the west coast to Hawaii twice in one day just to do it, but still...
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This is a great report, keep it coming. Helps build anticipation for an ORD-ZRH-IST trip in J for September....although it's on the A330 so has the older seats...
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A leisurely start to the day with some breakfast in the lounge at the Conrad.

I then packed my things and checked out of the hotel. I negotiated the MRT subway system to my next port of call at the Sheraton in TST.

After leaving my bag with the concierge I retraced my steps to the MRT station and back to Honk Kong Central. Here I once again boarded the Airport Express train to HKG.

I arrived at HKG at around 10am and headed for the Thai check in desks. I walked straight up to a free Business class agent. All was going smoothly until she asked me for the credit card I used to make the booking. I had since changed my card and no longer carried this particular one. I explained I didn’t have it and she got all serious looking. She went off to speak to ticketing for a while. The two of them came back and I said the last four digits are xxxx if that helps. The explained that I should carry the card with me but they would let me go for now. I don’t know what one is supposed to do if you book way in advance and your card expires in the meantime or decide, as I did, that you want to change cards.

Finally I got my BP and invite to the TG lounge and headed for emigrations and security. There was a 2 minute queue at emigrations and I walked straight up to an x-ray machine at security.

I decided to walk the long stretch down to Gate 40 where the TG lounge is located. On the way I realised I should have asked for a BP for the return journey at check in, but with all the confusion at check in I forgot to ask.
When I got to the lounge, which is upstairs from the main concourse, I asked if they could print my return BP but they said they had no facility to print BPs.

I spent the next two hours or so in the lounge. Whilst inside I heard boarding calls for TG flight to HKT, an AC flight to YVR and a UA flight to LAX (might have been SFO).

The lounge is on an open roofed section above the main concourse. There was a small section with food and alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks available. The food available when I arrived was still the breakfast offerings which included: cereal, dim sum, noodles, pork buns, beans and eggs.
Whilst I was there the lunch food appeared also which included a soup, salads, breaded fish, broccoli and Korean noodles.

I watched my bird taxi in past the gates outside the lounge and park itself at Gate 42.

At around 12:10 I headed down to the gate where boarding commenced at 12:20. As per usual at HKG there were two lines one for Y and one for Biz, First and elites. I did note with interest (that only an FTer could have) that the gate agents were dressed in a mixture of Cathay Pacific and China Airlines uniforms.
Boarding was efficient and quick and I was on board and directed to my seat in no time.

Flight TG601 HKG – BKK Seat 12A
Departure time: 12:45
Aircraft: A340-600

I specifically chose this flight as it was the A340-600 which has the new TG J class seating.
Once on board hot towels were handed out, champagne and OJ was offered and the menus and headsets were handed out.
Before taking off an FA came around to ask for my lunch order.


First Course

Roast Duck Breast, Green Soba Noodles Salad

Main Course

Seafood Curry “Chu-chee”, Steamed Thai Hom Mali Rice, Salted Egg
Pork Fillet with Prune with Brandy Cream Sauce, Potatoes, Zucchini, Baby Corn

Assorted Breads, Crackers, Butter, Cheese and Fresh Fruits


Pear Almond Tart
Tea, Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino

There was no wine list included.

There seemed to be some delays with boarding but we finally taxied out to the runway and took off at 13:14. We flew out over Hong Kong and although very hazy, I got some great views of the skyscrapers down below.

I fired up the AVOD IFE system and had a play for a while. To my great joy of joys, finally a system that allows you to view the flight map whilst listening to your favourite music. Most of the AVOD systems I have used either stop the music or only allow the looped radio stations to be heard when looking at the flight map. Bit thumbs up to TG for this little gem. Funny how the smallest of things can make such a big impression.

It seems that TG is not the strongest on security issues on board. The guy next to me was playing his PS2 all through taxi and take-off and again on landing. Also the child in the row in front (bulkhead) had his IFE screen out the whole flight from taxi to taxi.

Lunch was served after the belts sign was switched off. There were plenty of offers of refills on the wine and extra rolls were passed around. Each course came out separately. I had the seafood curry which was very nice with just the right amount of spice.

After lunch hot towels were handed out again. I continued to peer out my window and listen to music on the IFE until it was time to land.

On landing at 14:35 I disembarked quickly and negotiated my way to the transfers desks, which seemed a mile away.

There was no one manning the Biz and First desks and I asked someone if there was supposed to be someone there. She had a chat to an agent at the Y desks that called me over and gave me my BP for the return trip to HKG. She was a little bemused by my routing this day. She asked me if I knew where the lounges were and I replied in the negative. She directed me upstairs and sent me on my way.

I walked into the lounge complex which was just near the transfers desks at terminal D. I asked if there was another lounge closer to my gate which was in E.

She suggested I go through the security point just outside and walk down to E terminal where another TG lounge was located.

I then walked another mile to get to the E gates lounge. Inside it was quite small and crowded and had some snacks and top shelf liquor, coffee, tea, non alcoholic drinks etc.

Soon enough it was time to head to the gate which was E1A which was right outside the lounge. I couldn’t see an aircraft there so asked the agent on the way out if 1A meant a bus and she confirmed my suspicion.

I made my way down to the gate and waited for quite a while before they eventually started boarding the bus. Once on board we drove back down the entire length of the airport and past the plane I had gotten off to get to our aircraft.

Flight TG606 BKK – HKG Seat 14A
Departure time: 16:00
Aircraft: B777-200

On board I was disappointed to find that it was the old style J seating. The seat maps up to when I left the UK showed the newer 777 aircraft with 2-2-2seating. Oh well it was still a comfortable seat and I did get to check out the new seat on the outbound flight.

The same procedure was played out pre take off but this time it was cold towels and not hot ones.


First Course

Marinated Salmon Sze-chuan Style, Green Asparagus

Main Course

Fried Chicken in Coconut Cream (Dried Tom Khar Kai)
Steamed Thai Hom Mali Rice, Salted Egg
Beef Brisket Stewed in Red Wine Sauce
Tossed Linguini Noodles, Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables
Pan-fried Tab Tim Fish with Chinese Hot Sauce
Oriental Fried Rice, Kailan, Carrot
Stir-fried Pork with Thai Herbs
Steamed Thai Hom Mali Rice, Kailan, Carrot

Assorted Breads, Crackers, Butter, Cheese and Fresh Fruits


Coconut Ice Cream, Mango Puree

Tea, Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino

Each course was again delivered separately and there were plenty of drinks refills. I went with the Pork stir-fry which was again quite a nice meal.

I spent my time playing with the IFE again and staring out the window. The woman next to me seemed to be addicted to SIM city and couldn’t manage to turn it off even to eat!

The time flew by (ha ha very funny) and we were soon landing at HKG. I didn’t make a note of the time.

Immigration was a lot quicker than the afternoon before and I was soon on my way into HKG and the Sheraton hotel for my final night in Hong Kong.

I must say that flying in Europe or the US on a two hour flight would have produced nothing like the level or service or quality of food offerings I had just enjoyed on these two flights. It was an absolute pleasure flying on TG and apart for the mile long walk at BKK, both HKG and BKK were a joy to use. Oh how I did not look forward to coming back to the UK and queues and failing infrastructure.

I am of the opinion that at some point the UK will just grind to a halt as everything finally claggs it. People will be left wandering aimlessly around wondering why nothing works anymore. The first part of the city that will reach this state is of course Heathrow Airport.

Pictures of HKG-BKK-HKG
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As my flight was not due to leave until late into the night I organised a late check out of my hotel. I spent the day sightseeing and shopping and the later part in the lounge at the Sheraton where I decided to stay to watch the light show that plays out every night.

After the show I decided it was time to make my, yet again, out to the HKG airport by combination of Airport Express bus to Kowloon and Train to HKG.

At Kowloon I used the in town check in facility and got myself moved up to row 4 which cannot be pre-assigned by non M&M members. Seat 4J was available and since this was a mostly night flight I decided to nab it rather than my window preference.

I was given a boarding pass and an invite to the CX J class lounge at the Wing.

On arrival at the airport I headed straight to the emigrations and security and was through and making my way down to the Wing in 2 minutes. Do these guys know how to run an airport or what?

It was very odd not turning left after exiting the security. As a OW Emerald I always have access to the F lounge at the Wing which has its own entrance just outside security. However as I was a guest on an LX flight I had to make my way downstairs to the J entrance to the lounge.

My invite was taken and I was directed upstairs to the J section of the Wing. I realised, on entering, just how long it had been since I had been to this section of the lounge. I had to do a little reconnaissance exercise to familiarize myself with the J lounge again.

I grabbed a glass of champagne and a snack and settled back to await my flight.

As usual for me I headed down to the gate way too early and ended up doubling back to do some shopping. After a couple of ties were procured I went back to the gate. Not long after this the CX uniformed staff commenced the boarding procedure.

I was one of the first people down the chute using the dedicated First / Business line.

Flight LX0139 HKG – ZRH Seat 4J
Departure time: 23:20
Aircraft: A340

On board I was welcomed by the crew and directed to my seat.
At the seat was a blanket, pillow and a different style of amenity kit to the one I got on the outbound flight. This one was a bag and not a zipped case. The headphones were in the pouch in front of the seat along with a coat hanger with 4J written on it.

I was offered pre-flight drinks of champagne, oj, water or apple juice. Papers were then offered and the menu cards given out.

Oh I almost forgot I heard that wondrous beep when my BP was read at the gate. But no op-up it just misread the card. Oh well I didn’t really expect it since I am sure there were lots of M&M people ahead of me in the queue if there were any op-ups being handed out this night.

We pushed back at 23:30 and the pedal was put to the metal at 23:37.

After the seat belt sign was switched off the FAs got into action and started to prepare for dinner. There was no pre-dinner drinks service and my table was laid out for the first course of the meal.

Late Night Supper

First Courses

Smoked salmon and vegetable terrine garnished with marinated peppers and zucchini

Carrot and lime soup with lemon leaves

Main Course

Beef fillet with red wine sauce accompanied by spring vegetables and roasted new potatoes
Penne pasta in tomato sauce with olives, capers and broccoli


Selection of cheeses


A sweet dream

Swiss chocolates
Coffee and a selection of teas

The same two cart procedure was played out this time although my order had not been taken prior to the flight and I was asked which main I wanted at the time it was delivered.

The starter and cheese came on the tray and an offer of soup was made and accepted.

Freshly ground black pepper was again offered by the drinks FA as she passed through the cabin with her cart.

The drinks cart had the following along with juices etc.

Wine List


Jacquart Brut Mosaique, Reims, France

White Wine
Schafiser AOC 2005, Caves Garnier SA, Switzerland

Chenin Blanc 2006, Villiera, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Red Wine
Vin du Pays des Trois-Lacs 2005, Caves Garnier SA, Switzerland

Chateau de Pic 2003, Premieres Cotes de Bordeaux, France

Pinotage 2004, DeWaal, Stellenbosch, South Africa

SWISS Discovery Wine

Porto Niepoort Tawny, Portugal

The starter plates were cleared away before the main course was delivered from the cart.
I went for the beef again and was not disappointed. A second round of drinks and more rolls were offered at this point. The drinks FA had remembered I was on the white for the starter and took my glass away to give me my red in a clean glass.

The intriguingly named dessert was a fruit tart which was offered from a large tray. There was no offer of an implement to eat it with though which was most odd.
After devouring the tart and licking my fingers, I was offered coffee and a digestive.

As with the outbound the lights were dimmed as soon as the meal was over with and most passengers in the small forward demi-cabin in J went to sleep. I watched a movie for a while not wishing to sleep too soon into the flight. I was planning on going to work when I arrived back in London and thought sleeping later in the flight was the better option.

Eventually sleep came for me as well and I settled in for a few hours nap. Unfortunately there was a lot of FA traffic through to the F cabin through the night. Every time an FA breezed through the cabin the curtain dividing the sections would brush on my feet. It was most annoying and was frustrating my efforts to get some sleep.

Of course just when I was really ready to sleep others started to stir and the rattling of papers and personal lights started to flash on and off. Oh well – I will just have to fly F from now on.
About an hour and a half out of Zurich the lights came on and preparations were made for the breakfast service.


Fresh seasonal fruit

Selection of yoghurts

Tomato and zucchini omelette served with veal sausage and sautéed spinach
Fried noodles with shredded pork, vegetables and soy sauce
Or you may prefer our cold selection:
Black forest ham accompanied by Gruyere cheese, gherkin and cherry tomato

Selection of breakfast breads served with butter and preserves

Coffee and a selection of teas

Yep, you guessed it the same two cart procedure for breakfast. After the fruit and yoghurt were devoured the mains came out. I went for the noodles which were very tasty.

We landed at a cold and wet Zurich on time at 06:15 and taxied to our gate.

I made my way back over to the A terminal and visited the LX lounge complex briefly and checked out my emails before making my way to the gate.

We were bussed out to the aircraft for the flight to LCY.

Flight LX0450 ZRH – LCY Seat 4F
Departure time: 07:15
Aircraft: Avro RJ100

I noticed that when I got my BP in HKG that it was an F which would be on the three side of the 2-3 aircraft. To my surprise when I boarded it was an old BA fitted out aircraft which were 3-2 so I lucked out after all.
The plane was filled to the gills with all seats in the J section taken including the middle seat of the 3 side.

We took off a little late and headed out of cloudy Zurich and on our way to cloudy London.

A light continental style breakfast was offered on this flight including rolls and plenty of juice, tea and coffee.

We had a minor incident on the flight when one of the FAs upended a drink on some poor business traveller messing up his suit. I bet he was pleased! He did take it well and there were no temper tantrums.

We landed at LCY around 08:00 near to two other flights and immigrations had a tail back but moved quite quickly and I was soon making my way upstairs to the DLR to retrace my steps back to my office and another week of drudgery.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little foray into madness. In two days time I will be back in the lap of luxury heading to my home town of Melbourne on QF in First.

I look forward to that which much anticipation. As any of you who read my RTW TR my QF flight left a lasting impression on me and I am hoping my next 4 long haul flights on QF in F will be equally as exhilarating.

Happy flying to you all.

Pictures from HKG-LCY
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Nice TR, thanks.
LX is a pretty decent airline to fly with in J, at least on the A340. I'm not overly keen on their Euro business product though.
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Excellent trip report Moomba ^
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Originally Posted by Seat 2A View Post
Back when I had my one year pass for unlimited First Class on United, I used to fly roundtrip to Hawaii for the day. Of course, people thought that was pretty nutty but I think this quick R/T to HKG via BKK may well trump any of my craziness.

Well, I did fly to from the west coast to Hawaii twice in one day just to do it, but still...

Out of curiosity...how much was that United pass for 1st class?

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Great report and BTW you are a nut. I wouldnt have done that trip if I was paid to

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Nice report, Moomba! ^

Reminds me of the time I flew HKG-LHR and back to watch a Rugby match at Twickers. Left after work on the Friday night VS flight, arriving at LHR at the crack of dawn on Saturday. Breakfast with mates in London, then on to the match to watch England beat France. A celebratory ruby then on to LHR for the Saturday evening flight, getting me back to HK Sunday afternoon in time for work on Monday morning!
Time spent in the air was about 24 hours for about 15 hours on the ground IIRC.
Kudos to the HKG VS ground-staff, who after falling apart in giggles upon examining my itinerary, let me check-in for both outbound and inbound flights in HK, so no need to check-in at LHR! ^ ^ ^
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Many thanks Moomba for the very enjoyable report.^
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Insanely lovely trip report Moomba! ^
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Moomba, it's official - you're a nut!

I finally found the time to read this TR and it's a delight.

Hope to see you in EDI in a couple of weeks ^
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Can I ask a stupid question? Why did you fly HKG to BKK then immediately turn around and fly back to HKG without leaving the BKK airport?

Not even time to go into Bangkok for a quick massage?
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