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New York to Anguilla

New York to Anguilla


Old Dec 26, 15, 12:15 am
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New York to Anguilla

There are various ways to fly to Anguilla from New York:

1. Change in San Juan. I was shocked that American Eagle had dropped all their Caribbean routes from San Juan. Seaborne Airlines had taken over some routes using Saab aircraft.
However leaving New York at 5.45 AM was not an attractive option.
2. Fly to St. Maarten and connect to Anguilla Air Services for an 8 minute flight at a cost of $85.
3. Take a speed boat from the airport (2 minute drive from the terminal) also at a cost of $85.
4. Take the regular ferry at half the price; however it takes about an additional 20 to 30 minutes.

We opted for the 20 minute speed boat ride.

We flew on United which only operate 2 flights a week. I took no pictures of the flight down. Only the return on JETBLUE.


1. We checked in with a machine. I screwed up with the luggage tag and asked an Agent who was busy helping another passenger if she could help us after she finished.
After she finished she ignored us and walked off to check in bags behind the counter. Luckily we found a very nice Agent to help us. Sarcastically I walked over to her and said "Thanks for helping us."
2. When we boarded the Boeing 737, there was no crew at the door to welcome us. Not important but 99.999% of my flights in general since the 1950s when I first started flying, there has been a crew member at the door, if my memory is correct.
3. Legroom for the 3 1/2 hour flight was narrow.
4. I asked the hostess for a 2nd sugar. She never bothered to bring it. When she collected the trash I told her "No need for sugar now."
She thought my comment was hilarious.
5. Before we could get off the aircraft, 2 large pilots started looking for seats for the return flight as they were flying back as passengers. They said "hope we don't have to sit here like .....had to."

In fact one of their colleagues flying out as a passenger sat next to us. Fortunately he was skinny.

No food on United. You buy whatever they have. We bought "scrambled eggs" for $9. However we were never told they were Mexican / Southwestern style scrambled eggs with beans and hot sauce etc which I don't particularly like. They were not on the regular menu.

I suspect that the strange experiences were the result of employee contracts being up in the air since years of negotiation.

The return on JETBLUE was a pleasure. Here are pictures.

The speed boat to Anguilla.

Ladies beware: never wear an outfit with metal like my travelling companion did. It caused the Alarm Bells at Newark Airport to give a danger warning sign. Had to go through additional machines, patt downs and hand luggage search.

We left St. Maarten at the same time as Anguilla Air Services.

To our horror we watched Anguilla Air Services make a sharp left and overtake our speed boat.

The St. Maarten Airport is only 6 years old. Very nice terminal on the Dutch side of the island. No airport on the French side.

Picture of Anguilla Air arriving with 4 passengers; they were waiting for a big bus to take them to the Terminal.

For our return flight to New York we had a choice:

1. Fly on an antique Delta 757 with tight seating for $400 or fly on a a nice new JETBLUE Airbus with 33" to 34" seating for $200.

We chose guess who???

Here are the 2 planes leaving at the same time.

Though there are 3 seats I found myself sharing the other 2 seats with a group of 3; 2 two legged passengers and a 4 legged passenger.

To calm the 4 legged passenger, the 2 legged passengers gave him a calming pill wrapped in salami.

At one point he tried to jump over me to the aisle but was stopped in time. As he was already droggy he calmed down quickly. There was a lot of salami in the event of an emergency

Landing at JFK with no seat belt. The 4 legged passenger was very comfy due to the great JETBLUE legroom. On United it would have been a problem.

Private jets at the Anguilla Airport; tiny. Celine Dion was seen horse riding with her son. I assume she flew in with a private jet.

We stayed at the Viceroy Hotel which had a gorgeous pool. It was not heated but it get's so hot it did not matter.

I love visiting hotels. Here is a gorgeous pool at the Malliouhana Resort which had just reoppened after 4 years.

View of Meads Bay from the hotel.

This beach can be rough between September to December with currents.

Rendez Vous Beach / Cuisinart Hotel.

The nicest beach is at the Cap Juliaca Hotel. Like a bathtub. It's a nerve that they took all the beach for themselves. No lounge chairs except for guests at the hotel.

But as the beaches are "public" we swam here. One can see St. Maarten close by.

Sandy Island which we shared with the crew of the Seadream cruise ship; a fancy schmancy small cruise ship that charges about $5,000 for a 1 week cruise.

We enjoyed Anguilla. We were there in 1982 and it has changed a lot since then.

For those looking for a Caribbean vacation St. Maarten is also great because one can easily visit:

Saba; famous airport.
St. Barts and
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Old Dec 26, 15, 12:53 am
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Looks like a great trip to the east Caribbean, Brettee.

Salami + valium seems like a great idea to calm the four legged passenger. Might even work on some of the annoying two legged ones too.
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Old Dec 26, 15, 5:46 am
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Thanks for the report, though after reading it I'm left with the impression that Jetblue is a step up from EK First.
Short haul service onboard US coach flights is always BOB.
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Old Dec 26, 15, 3:05 pm
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Of all the places I have been to,the Caribbean is my favorite; warm water, generally friendly people and decent food. After 5 days my batteries are recharged for up to 4 months; and I am glad to return home.
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Old Dec 26, 15, 6:46 pm
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Of all the places in the Caribbean we have stayed, Anguilla is by far our favorite. The beaches are stunning and there are numerous incredible dining options. We stayed at CJ and LOVED IT. Would stay there again but Malliouhana is very temping if CJ can't right their ship....I have heard Cap J has had some issues but CJ was great when we were there. Maundays Bay (where CJ sits) is probably the nicest beach I have ever set foot on.
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Old Dec 27, 15, 10:24 am
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CJ had financial problems.

The owner built villas illegally and sold them.He also did not modernize the rooms due to lack of funds.

If I ever return I think I would stay there just because of the beach. The beach is heaven.

However the pool is nothing great.

The people are also very friendly.
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Old Dec 27, 15, 10:38 am
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Nice report!
I've been to many Caribbean islands and I don't even like going to the Caribbean!
However, I would like to visit Anguilla as I have heard that the people are great.
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Old Dec 27, 15, 4:51 pm
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Yes the people are indeed very friendly.
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Old Dec 27, 15, 4:59 pm
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good that you enjoyed ! FYI , there is an airport in the french side also , Grand Case Airport (SFG/CCE) but its only used for regional flights connection with other french islands
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Old Dec 28, 15, 9:53 am
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Fifty Two

I had no idea that St Maarten had another airport on the French side. Winair fly to St Barts from the Dutch side.

Interesting. I will do some research.
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