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Takeoff Weight vs. Temperature

Takeoff Weight vs. Temperature

Old Aug 11, 99, 9:33 pm
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I was on a Delta hopper prop flight (very small) a few years back - the crew rearranged passengers inside the cabin to redistribute weight more evenly before the plane could takeoff.
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Old Aug 12, 99, 10:04 am
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Particularly on the small planes, the balance of the plane is quite critical. If the center of gravity of the aircraft exceeds design limits, the aircraft tends to no longer be controlable under certain conditions.

I was the only passenger on an EMB 120 Brasilla into PSP a few months ago, and not only did they need to move me behind the wing, they had to find a few extra hundred pounds of weight to throw in the cargo area in the tail in order to properly balance the aircraft.

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Old Aug 12, 99, 10:14 am
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I've actually wondered about this on some commuter/prop flights with all that luggage up front by the nose. I'd wrongfully assumed that the planes were haevy enough that it did not matter!
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Old Aug 12, 99, 12:44 pm
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Aircraft are designed so that typical configurations of people and bags don't unbalance them beyong limits. If you have a big nose baggange compartment, you plan the rest of the aircraft to achieve the desired balance under most flight conditions. The EMB 120 I was speaking of wasn't designed to fly with 1 passenger and no luggage. That is, after all, an atypical situation for a passenger aircraft.
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Old Aug 12, 99, 4:18 pm
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On this topic from the 727 page at Boeing.com:

"First jetliner to prove it could operate -- even with one engine out -- from Bogata, Colombia(8,355-foot elevation), Cuzco, Peru (10,800-foot elevation), and LaPaz, Bolivia (13,358-foot elevation). No jet had operated at any of these airports before."

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Old Aug 12, 99, 5:18 pm
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I've also been on a couple of turbo-props the last few months where they had to move 2-3 people behind the exit row for balance.
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