How about this???

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How about this???

How does this sounds? I think it is what we’ve been waiting for:

"Airlines have been warned to treat passengers more fairly or face a legal battle with the government. Following an EU investigation, the Office of Fair Trading has found that the average airline ticket contain more than 30 potentially unfair and legally unenforceable terms and conditions. It cited as the worst example the fact that airlines ban most customers from making any changes to their itineraries once flight are booked, while reserving right to reschedule services at any time without compensation. Other bad practice include prohibitive penalties for transferring a ticket to another passenger; and inadequate compensation for damage caused to luggage in flight. ‘The airlines seem to rely on a clause under which they are committed only to using ‘best efforts’ to stick to published schedules and which says the airline is not contractually bound to fly at the times shown in its timetables. Frankly, best efforts are not good enough. Consumers are entitled to expect the services they have paid for’ says the OFT. ‘Airlines have had it their own way far too long,’ says the Air Transport Users Council. ‘Ticket conditions have barely been revised this century. Airlines don’t even have to fly you, they can put you on a bus if you want."

I hope they will do the same thing especially back in US and Canada. Could this be the end of those "Restrictive cattle class ticket?"

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Probably not, but it might be a prod toward the "passengers bill of rights" kind of legislation that's becoming politically popular in the US
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