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Hidden city ticketing

Hidden city ticketing

Old Feb 9, 13, 8:37 pm
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Hidden city ticketing

I recently got a one way hidden city ticket from A-B-C (I live in B). The fare difference between this and a ticket from A-B was $250 one way. B and C are only 4 hours apart, so even if I'm routed to C, a Megabus ride from C-B would be $20. Would you buy a hidden city ticket for personal travel in this situation?

And the kicker, I requested the last row middle seat for the B-C flight, knowing that I won't be taking it.
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Old Feb 9, 13, 10:20 pm
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As long as I was not checking any bags, as long as I didn't do it repeatedly using a frequent flyer number, yes I would do it.
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Old Feb 10, 13, 7:23 am
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Hidden city ticketing

One time I would. More than once a year I wouldn't.
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Old Feb 10, 13, 8:43 am
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Dont check bags. What can they do except be unhappy? I dont think there would be any reprecussions. Then again I have no where near the experience as others on this site.

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Old Feb 10, 13, 10:13 am
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Originally Posted by capttripps:20220219
Dont check bags. What can they do except be unhappy? I dont think there would be any reprecussions. Then again I have no where near the experience as others on this flight.
IIRC there have been reports on FT of the airlines taking some action against folks who do this with some regularity. Miles have been confiscated. And I think there was a report of someone who had a charge appear for the fare difference.

If you do it rarely though, it shouldn't be a problem.
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Old Feb 10, 13, 10:16 am
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+1 - Better software across the industry appears to catch this scam with greater frequency. It's unclear to me that even if you don't use your FF#, that if caught, a carrier won't close your FF account.
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Old Feb 10, 13, 12:40 pm
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It will likely be fine, just don't make a habit out of it if you value your FF account.
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Old Feb 10, 13, 10:41 pm
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I also would only do this about once a year!
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Old Feb 11, 13, 8:07 pm
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For a one-off case, I wouldn't worry about it. There are a lot of legitimate reasons you could have missed your connection, so they're not going to look at a single case. They're mainly interested in people that make a habit of it -- they book A-B-C every week but always fly A-B.
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Old Feb 12, 13, 2:50 pm
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Originally Posted by Often1 View Post

Approach or plan describes it better.
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Old Sep 30, 14, 9:57 pm
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Hi!I am considering buying a ticket from South america to TYO via HNL (round trip), with the outbound in J and the inbound in Y and not flying the last sector, so I could use miles to return via SYD.
Any thoughts on accrual and mileage earning also, breaking the rules of carriage?
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Old Mar 30, 15, 1:16 am
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Skipping a leg question

Hi all. I know this is a question that's been asked before, and I tried searching for an answer for this scenario and came up empty...

In a few months, I will be flying Milwaukee to Charlotte, with a layover at ORD, and my return flight will be CLT, ORD, MKE. I live equidistant from both MKE and ORD, but booked with MKE because it was much cheaper.

Will I run into any issues if I forego the final leg of my flight, ORD to MKE, and just have my ride pick me up at ORD? I will have carry-on luggage only.
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Old Mar 30, 15, 6:21 am
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iibink, welcome to FlyerTalk!

Your search probably came up empty because you didn't use the term which describes the situation, "hidden city ticket". If you use this term, you'll find lots of discussion of this. Later, today, when I have more research time, I might merge this with another recent thread on this so you can see other members' experience. Ocn Vw 1K, Moderator.

The bottom line, so long as this is your last segment of the round trip, you have no checked baggage on it, and do it rarely, you should be OK.
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Skipping a leg question

You'd be fine--just don't make a habit out of doing it.
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Old Mar 30, 15, 8:14 am
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Originally Posted by Ocn Vw 1K View Post
iibink, welcome to FlyerTalk! ... The bottom line, so long as this is your last segment of the round trip, you have no checked baggage on it, and do it rarely, you should be OK.
there will likely be a LOT of replies about questionable ethics, the terms of the airline's Contract of Carriage (COC), the potential consequences such as the airline coming after you for the difference in fare or suspending/cancelling your mileage account, etc ... but as Ocn Vw 1K states, the risk is exceptionally low

the only other caveat is that the airline's obligation is to get you to your ticketed destination ... if your CLT-ORD flight cancels or diverts, they will only reaccommodate you to MKE as expeditiously as possible under their IROPS (Irregular Operations) recovery process, which may or may not involve going thru ORD
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