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What's in your carry-on

What's in your carry-on

Old Apr 29, 06, 6:19 am
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What's in your carry-on

I did a quick search and it seems to be a while since someone did one of these and I always find them fun, so I thought I would start my own.

In my carry on I usually have:

Sony Vaio TX series (a new purchase - I got sick of lugging my T42 and I could not wait any longer for the new 12" Macbook Pro)

iGo Juice 70

Hard shell case for the Sony (I am sure it looks more delicate than it is, but I am not taking any chances)

Nokia 8800 for everywhere except Korea (My cellphone company gave it to me. It looks great, but is in fact too heavy and the battery life is woeful. On the hunt for something else - in the meantime, I may switch back to my trusty 8910i)

Sony Ericsson K601 3G for Korea (Makes the battery life on the 8800 look fantastic - will probably replace both this and the 8800 with a new 3G phone as soon as I can find one with decent battery life)

USB phone charger cable

Black iPod Nano 4GB in a clear skin (bought on the day they were released - I love it) usually with a range of music and a couple of audiobooks

Ultimate Ears UE5c headphones (these are my favourite gadget - I got them in black. Extremely effective at blocking external noise and very, very good sound)

Jabra 250 headset (primarily for Skype - I tend to use a wired headset for the phones because of the crap battery life issue)

Leica CM and a couple of rolls of film (yes - not a digital camera)

A 512MB thumb drive (I am trying to travel without any paper at all - had remarkable success lately. I put everything on the thumb drive - I scan stuff in the office before I leave if I don't have it electronically)

Cheap but remarkably effective Muji travel wallet with my passport, FF and hotel cards, various currencies, my Australian SIM and other travel docs, including paper tickets - one day my assistant will finally work out that when I say I prefer etickets I actually mean it. Probably on the same day she works out that booking me a flight to London and a hotel in Glasgow might not work out so well)

Keys, wallet etc

Blackberry (my organisation won't enable the phone functionality so I need to carry this and a phone) with USB cable for charging and syncing

The Economist (bang for buck the densent, lightest reading material around. Just when you thought you had read everything in it, you find something new)

Paperback and maybe a DVD or two.

All packed up in a Tumi expandable organiser brief without the laptop compartment - the best bag Tumi ever made and now discontinued. Wish I'd laid in a spare so that when this one dies, I would have another in reserve.
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Old Apr 29, 06, 6:45 am
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My trusty but soon to be replaced (once I actually figure out a decent replacement for it) Dell Inspiron 7500 (w/100Mb LAN & 802.11b PCMCIA cards)...people think I'm insane in lugging around over 4kgs worth of laptop, but it works fine, lasts 6 hours on the double batteries and provides a great viewing experience on the 15.4'' screen.

Palm Tungsten T3 + travel sync/charge USB cable + PowerToGo sled (wonderful PDA, I still can't believe that Palm still hasn't released a single PDA that has all the features and accessories of this one!). Great for reading eBooks, catching up on news or playing a game or two and with the PTG attachment I usually get more life out of it then out of my eyes

iPod Nano 2GB in black skin...no audiobooks for me, but a healthy dose of Offspring, Rammstein and CCR can always pass the time.

Motorola RAZR V3 - quite happy with it, battery life pretty subpar, but I really like the feel of it, the excellent signal quality and the menu layout & theme (the first thing I did upon purchase was to replace all the icons and graphics with the lovely Mac skin available online)

Point'n'shoot Kodak DX3440 camera, 128MB SD + rechargeable NiMh batteries + charger + USB 4in1 card-reader...again, pretty old, but it's done it's job very well considering the ridiculously low amount of money I got it for. Will also soon be replaced with the lovely new V610, amazing how they managed to pack a 10x zoom and dual-lenses in that body.

Some general papers - hotel reservation & e-ticket printouts, perhaps one or two e-mails relevant to my current trip, it's just handy to have them in hardcopy if there's some particular ....head at the respective country's immigration counter. Traveling with a Russian fiancee also doesn't help much in that sense, we seem to be asked more questions than necessary every goddamn time.

Simple regular Polo wallet with cards & cash...I have to figure out some kind of arrangement for my passport, it usually resides in my back pocket or front shirt pocket. I really don't like oversized wallets and want it on my person at all times. Ideas?
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Old Apr 29, 06, 11:51 am
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1. IBM Thinkpad X40 (two years old, still going strong, but then it's a Thinkpad so no surprise there...)

2. Treo 650 (with Virgin mobile UK SIM at the ready; NZ Vodafone everywhere else)

3. Sony HD5 hard disk walkman (long live ATRAC!)

4. Shure E4C in-ear monitors (audiophile heaven, and noise cancelling to boot)

5. At least one small Moleskine notebook for notes, etc.

6. Recent Economist

7. Creative Muvo TXFM 1GB mp3 player (for podcasts) (besides the Economist, I don't bother with magazines anymore thanks to podcasting)

8. Small 1.8" portable hard drive (doesn't require mains power) for backups, although I often just use the HD5 (#3 above) on the road lately as it functions as an external drive and I've nowhere near filled it with music.

That's about it. I use an STM Sphere (Australian-made) backpack (for 12" laptops), but am considering trying out my Booq Boa XS (also for 12" laptops) on my next RTW, although it *is* a little small. I've also got the STM 'raincoat', which is essentially a condom for the backpack that keeps your stuff dry if it rains.
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Old Apr 29, 06, 2:05 pm
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Treo 650 with cheapo standard 3.5mm earbuds with 2.5mm converter for use with the Treo (but this way I can use them with standard plug devices as well) - serves as PDA, phone if I travel domestically, mp3 player, and Audiofy book chip player for language lessons

Boxwave multi-plug (cigarette lighter/standard north-American 2-prong) with mini-sync adapter for the Treo and Empower adapter

Sony DSC-P5 digital camera (I know, it's old and clunky but I'm waiting for the 1 device solution to replace it and the Treo) with extra memory sticks, spare battery and small travel charger

Dell Latitude D610 with AC adapter

512MB flash drive

Most of the time everything else I pack since I travel carry-on only.
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Old Apr 29, 06, 2:41 pm
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Dell Latitude D600 + AC Brick
Xantrex Inverter
Motorola MPX220 SmartPhone + USB Charger/Sync
USB Charger for my MSN SmartWatch
USB Memory Key
MS Wireless Laptop Mouse
TI83+ Graphing Calculator

Console Adapters (various DB9 --> RJ45)
2x Straight-thru CAT5 (14')
2x Cross-over CAT5 (7')
1x Rolled Cable (7')
1x RJ11 Cable (14')
RJ45 couplers

Ikelite 6cell mini dive light
Setwear Hothands Work gloves

Canon EOS Digital Rebel w/ Tamron 28-300mm lens goes along when I think I'll need it

Anything else I need to work in the plane/at the airport - files, books, etc

That's my backpack, everything else goes in my rollaboard up in the overhead bin.
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Old Apr 29, 06, 2:56 pm
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Entirely too too much junk.
  • Fujitsu P7010D
  • GSM Treo 650
  • Nokia 6140i (SIM carrier and TDMA/AMPS phone for those forays into mid nowhere)
  • NEC L1 or Samsung T809 (suit phones)
  • iGo EverywherePower 7500 with tips for everything
  • Sony DSC-P200
  • Sony PSP and games
  • 60gb iPod video
  • 4gb iPod nano (work out with the Nano, use the video otherwise)
  • High powerPCMCIA WiFi NIC, very useful for finding free hotspots in urban areaas
  • High gain antenna
  • Sierra Wireless U860 UMTS card for Cingular
  • Sprint Sierra Wireless 580 EVDO card
  • Verizon Wireless NovAtel V620 EVDO card (soon gone)
  • Shure E5c earphones
  • Sony NC-10 earphones
  • Echo Audio indigo I/O high-resolution pcmcia soundcard
  • DVD case with DVD-Rs (high rez audio) and movies
  • Forgot to add, major part of my travel gear! D-Link DWL-G730AP porta-accesspoint.
  • Linksys WIP-330 WiFi VoIP phone
And lots of other stuff... I SERIOUSLY need to clean out my bag. All stuffed into a McKlein rolling backpack.

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Old Apr 30, 06, 1:15 pm
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I'm trying to slim my bag down lately...

Dell Lattitude d610 (worlds sh!ttest laptop!) - company laptop
1 notebook
1 badge and credentials (I work in hospitals, hard to get into surgery or IS with out them) - this includes a VPN token and 2gb USB key
2 pens - one nice one cheapo
Dell power supply
iPod Video black
Shure e5 headphones
Sprint PPC6700
usb cable for phone
usb cable for ipod
$5 in quarters b/c I ALWAYS hit toll roads that I wasn't expecting
what ever book I'm currently reading

Thats about it.

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Old Apr 30, 06, 1:55 pm
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Here's mine. One of these days someone (Apple, maybe?) is going to make a really good, all-in-one, phone, digital camera, MP3 player, and PDA. Until then, of course, I'll just have to carry everything separately.
  • Sony Vaio (don't remember the model...but it's about two years old and is soon to be replaced with a MacBook Pro. Sweet!)
  • Motorola V600 Phone
  • Blackberry. I've tried using it as a phone, but I'm just not impressed. Of course, my Moto doesn't have the best reception either.
  • 60GB Black iPod. I'd die without that thing
  • Panasonic noise cancelling headphones. They seem to work okay for their $50 price tag. I had some old in-ear Sony noise cancelling earphones about 5 years ago that finally gave up the ghost. I really liked them as I could lean up against the headrest, but I haven't found any in-ear models that work well these days.
  • USB mini-mouse that I picked up at a trade show a couple of years ago
  • Airport Express with power cable
  • Nintendo DS. That thing is awesome, and the battery life is unreal. I'm thinking about replacing it with a DS Lite since it's slimmer.
  • Myriad different USB, Power, Phone, and Network cables
  • Canon SD450 digital camera. Small, lightweight, and takes pretty good pictures
  • 256MB jump drive. I typically use the iPod as a portable hard drive for carrying images around (in addition to music) but the jump drive is useful for moving PPTs and other files around during meeting and presentations.
  • 1 notebook
  • Numerous pens. I inevitably lose them in the bottom of my bag
  • Business cards
  • Whatever book I happen to be reading at the time.
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Old Apr 30, 06, 3:09 pm
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Mines looking pretty standard:
  • Thinkpad T40
  • Thinkpad Slim AC/DC Adapter
  • Motorola Wall Charger
  • Motorola E815
  • Motorola HS820 and HS850 bluetooth headsets
  • Sony PSP in Logitech case w/2gb Sony Memorystick loaded with movies + 1 game in unit
  • Retractable usb charger for PSP - also Mini-USB cable
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones (Sony NC-30?)
  • Creative Muvo TX-FM 1gb (doubles as memory key)
  • Sprint Merlin S620 EVDO card
  • Holux GPSlim 236 - Bluetooth GPS unit
  • Gum, kleenex, cough drops, pens (3), Advil
  • Business cards, same 25 I put in the bag months ago. Nobody cares who I am =(
  • One emergency FC sized bottle of Vodka. As in got it in FC, not to drink with all of FC
  • Client contractor badge + my company badge
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Old Apr 30, 06, 4:30 pm
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Originally Posted by myk
Mines looking pretty standard:
[*]One emergency FC sized bottle of Vodka. As in got it in FC, not to drink with all of FC
That is quite possable the smartest and best idea I've heard yet!

I'm not saying I get the shakes or anything but who hasn't gotten in to some hotel at 1:30am and thought "man, I just want a drink and to go to bed) ...or just needed the emergency drink
^ ^
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Old Apr 30, 06, 10:23 pm
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Aside from my laptop...

Schure E3s
mini flashlight
Kensington power suply with tips
Audigy PCMCIA sound card
EVDO broadband modem
Retractable USB cable that also turns into an RJ45 and RJ11 cable.

At times, I also have:

Holux GPS
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Old May 1, 06, 10:24 am
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Like, others on this thread, far too much!:

- Dell Latitude X300
- Dell Inspirong 700M
- Kensington auto/air/wall power (with IGO would actually CHARGE the dell, but since it won't I go with Kensington)
- IPOD 60 GB video
- IPOD 4GB black Nano (it was so cool, I couldn't resist)
- Bose Nose canceling headphones
- T-mobile RAZR
- T-mobile Blackberry
- T-mobile MDA
- Verizon broadband card
- 3 phone handsfree headsets (wish they would all use the same one)
- Bluetooth handsfree (don't ask)
- CAT-5/RJ-11 retractable cord
- a couple of mini-USB cords
- GPS + car-cord/adapter
- whatever book I'm reading
- notebook
- water bottle
- hand lotion
- saline nose jell (great for international flights)
- Aspirin
- Passport (never know when you might need it)
- assorted credit cards

I'm sure there's more than that, but that's the high lights....

All packed into a Tumi expandable computer case.....
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Old May 1, 06, 10:44 am
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Tumi computer bag

I usually make 3-4 trips to Asia, btw 2-4 wks each trip and only take carry-on luggage: tumi bag, trolley bag for clothes and maybe small backpack for shoes, incidentals.

So my tumi bag is pretty filled:

iBook, charger and world-wide adapter, extra CAT cable
Files - as little as I can carry in paper, try to load rest onto iBook
Two flash drives
15gb iPod
Shure E3c earbuds
Treo 600 with usb adapter/charger -USA phone number
SE 520i phone with charger - either Singapore or Taiwan phone number, depending on whether in SE Asia or Greater China
Second GSM mobile phone - whatever is availalble from home - with phone for whatever country I am in (eg China, HK,etc)
Separate Korean cdma phone
Small bag with 5-6 SIM chips in listerine strip boxes (separate phone numbers for various countries)
Two BT headsets (one for phone, one for skype)
Sunglasses in hard case
Extra hard case to put glasses when I sleep on flights
Passport holder with passport, airtix, currency for about 10 countries, few freq flier/hotel cards, extra hotel door cards (many hotels require it for power on in room)
Bottle of water
Meds - besides my Rx meds, some advil, other OTC
Eye drops (again long trans Pac flights)
Extra wrist watch
Pens, business cards
Small pen flight
Hard candy
32 sleeve holder for DVD/CD (to fill up when shopping)
Leather toilet bag filled with everything.
Pair of pj from Singapore airlines - again for long trans Pac flight
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For quick dauy trips:
  • laptop - used to be the 12" powerbook now a 15" MBP
  • Power cables
  • ipod video 30gb
  • cheap koss ear buds works great for blocking noise
  • 2 motorola Razr
  • USB cables for phones, ipod and various other needs
  • HP-417 compact digital
  • USB memory
  • Pens, papers notebook
  • magazines
  • whatever book I'm currently reading

If I have a rollaboard the following goes with me:
  • 60GB lacie HDD
  • Canon i70 printer + paper
  • a change of clothes
  • in motion speakers for ipod (in checked luggage if I have that)
  • Mini Maglite
  • motorola wall charger
  • airport express
  • wall charger for ipod
  • sometimes a DSLR

and of course make up and things.

I've probably forgotten a ton of things that go with me but hey
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Old May 12, 06, 12:19 am
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Hmm, Let's see:

- Thinkpad X40 with 120V/240V adapter
- T-Mobile MDA (5.0) PDA Pocket Phone Edition with USB 2.0 cable
- Firelite 40GB hard drive - USB 2.0
- Casio Exilim EXS500 5 megapixel camera, extra battery and charger
- Archos AV700 DVP with 100GB hard drive; AC charger
- 6 GB IPod Mini; USB cable / charger
- Sennheiser Noise Cancelling headphones with extra AAA batteries
- Mini Maglite
- IOGear Bluetooth Headset
- 128MB Flash Stick
- 2GB Type II Compact Flash with PC Card adapter
- Several SD and MiniSD memory cards
- Large collection of medicinal aids (sleep aids, tylenol, Zantac, Immodium, the works)
- Stub roll of TP for Asian journies
- Miscellaneous small amounts of "emergency" foreign currency (RMB, Yen, Euro's, Mexican Peso's)
- Writing instruments and a few business papers, business cards, etc.
- Retractable RJ-45 cable
- Retractable dial-up cable

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