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Windows 10 Install and Experience

Windows 10 Install and Experience

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If you're still in the "invite" queue, you can skip the lines and download it directly through this link...


Disclaimer: You better make sure that MS has cleared your computer of any possible incompatibilities, or else your install may not go smoothly.
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Old Aug 17, 15, 7:17 pm
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Windows 10 Install and Experience

While I was not part of the Windows 10 Insider for one reason or another I did reserve the Windows 10 via the Get Windows 10 Tool.

Ever since Windows 10 was announced I started watching YouTube videos about the various builds and kept wondering why Microsoft messed up with Wndows 8 which I never upgraded to as I was happy with my Windows 7 Ultimate which I upgraded my 2007 Sony Vaio Laptop and 2007 HP Pavilion Desktop.

As the time went on I was not sure if my computers would support the new OS so once I downloaded the Get Windows 10 first it said that my Graphics Driver(Intel) on my Laptop would be incompatible but about a month later it said my Laptop was good to go. The only thing I lost which I never used was the Windows Media Center.

Install Experience:

I read about how you could download the Windows Media Creation Tool online so I first downloaded to my laptop a day after the July 29th release date and I was at a Starbucks with Google WiFI. It began downloading the necessary files so I went up at got an Iced Latte and came back.

First it downloaded the Media Creation Tool then it automatically started downloading the Install Files a few minutes later. About 30 minutes later it began the process of copying the install to my laptop by this time I was on my second Iced Latte and it began copying files and settings.

Then the laptop restarted and I was greeted with Windows 10 and every single driver and file worked.

The same went for my Desktop that afternoon I did the same process for the Desktop and that too took it without a problem.

The next late afternoon I walked a friend who is not as tech savvy as myself through the progress and it worked well.

On the Windows 10 Forum I read about people having issues with their installs and about Flashing Screens.

I like the Cortana integration but I think she could do more such as be able to read Forums here on FlyerTalk out loud to Facebook Posts when you ask it to get updates from X Page.

I use my Google Chrome and it works very well along with Open Office on my Laptop and Microsoft Office 2007 which I will update to Office 2016.

The entire startup process is quicker than Windows 7 and Windows 10 fixed a problem with faulty drivers on my desktop where the mouse and keyboard wuld suddenly stop and the graphics card would just stop after logging into WIndows while sitting at the Desktop. Also Windows 10 has a better UI in my opinion and I love the overall looks of it and it so far is running very well.

I have 2GB RAM on my Laptop with an Inter Centrino Chip and my Desktop has the Intel Centron Chop with 2GB RAM(or 4GB I forget) and has more than enough diskspace on both computers.

Overall I recommend that you upgrade to Windows 10. My version is Windows 10 Pro.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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Old Aug 17, 15, 10:38 pm
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Ok, one thing I absolutely hate about Windows 10 is I have been woken up at like 4:30 in the morning and have found my computer turned on. I have my laptop in my room and both times Windows has installed updates. Usually the 3:30 am or so is when updates are typically installed and obviously having the screen turn on wakes me up.

Windows 7 never did this to me. I hate having my computer come on by itself.

So I googled the problem and apparently I have to set my wifi as a metered connection, then windows won't download updates automatically. I can then download it at a time I choose and not have my computer come on and wake me up.
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Old Aug 18, 15, 2:58 am
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Still waiting for my "invite" to install it. The windows 10 app thingy says “Critical hardware components made by Intel for your PC don’t have Windows drivers yet.” I find that ironic since this machine (an Acer Switch 10) is specifically shown on Intel's Windows 10 page.
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Wife got the invite on her laptop the other night, took about twenty minutes - it's great. She likes it.
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For those not wanting to wait, Microsoft has a link to download and install it.

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