Sleep sacks

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Sleep sacks

Does anyone here travel with a sleep sack? Backpacker travel sites often recommend these and I've found silk and coolmax versions. Just wonderin'.
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Yes, depending on where I'm going and what the situation is. I have two sleep sacks, an old muslin one and a silk one. I've used them as sleeping bag liners and sleep sheets.

I like them if I'm in very basic accommodations (where the supplied linens might not be as clean as I'd like). They're great to use with a sleeping bag because they're easier to launder than a sleeping bag is. Sometimes they come in handy if it's really hot (too hot for a sleeping bag) and mozzies are around - you can get some protection from insects without suffering from the heat. The silk ones can add a few degrees to your sleeping bag if it gets really cold.

Unless you're a very very compact packer, they don't take up all that much room or weigh very much, especially the silk ones. Beware of the fake silk rayon knock-offs, though.
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Dreamsack makes a very nice sleep sack.
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love the silk dreamsack- I use it with my coolmax blanket and never (usuall) need any other hotel linens...packs well. my only issues have been ripping- if you are a 'stick your foot out' sleeper, you will fight the bottom of the sack.
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If you're crafty, you can just make your own out of a bed sheet. That's what I did in my hosteling days.

This kind will not pack down as much as silk, etc., but it is cheap and easy to launder.
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I started with a silk DreamSack but got lost at some point and I replace it with a different brand sleep sack, but still made of silk.

I bring it whenever I am going to say somewhere that does not provide linens, such as a hostel or CouchSurfing. To stay in a hotel, bed and breakfast, or other not-quite-roughing it experience I do not bring it.

It does not take much room to pack as it is the size of a pair of balled socks.

I also use it when camping as a bag liner for purposes of keeping my bag clean.

It is a useful bit of kit, but if your travel style isn't going to change and you haven't needed one yet, I'd say the money could be better spent elsewhere.
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Its a very good idea in this age of bed bugs..
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Unfortunately, it won't do anything to protect you against bed bugs. Those live in cracks and crevices, such as are found in the headboard, and come out at night to feed. They don't care what you sleep in, as they'll find a way in to you.
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