Diaper Changes


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Diaper Changes

Hi folks,

Does anyone have any useful advice on how to change a baby's diaper on an airplane? Our boy, Nathan is 1.5 year old, and makes
some pretty smelly ones. If we don't change his diaper quickly, the smell will likely overwhelm the pilot, crew and other passengers, but of course, in the short run, opening up one of those diapers in the cabin would be be pretty bad and unmannerly. I can't imaging doing it in the incredibly cramped bathrooms. Nathan and I will be flying (1 adult, 1 baby) from Seattle to Boston and back on Alaskan Airlines, so it's bound to be an issue. Thanks in advance for any candid advise.

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We have travelled extensively with our daughter since she was 2 months (she is now 3 years)mainly on long haul flights. She used nappies until she was 2 1/2. We have always changed her in the planes' toilets. There is always at least one toilet with a baby change table.

It is not difficult to change nappies using the provided change table, you just need to try it once and you will be able to figure out how to make it work for you.

Good luck.

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Has anyone flown Alaskan Airlines and come across a changing table in one of the coach lavs?
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My wife and I fly Alaska Airlines extensively with our 15 month old daughter. IIRC, all of Alaska's 737s have at least one coach lavatory equipped with a changing table.

Have a good flight!
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I just did my first solo flight to LHR with my toddler whose almost 2, in diapers and survived. I wasn't looking forward to the changing onboard part on the flight, but its not too difficult as long as you're organized! Advise:

- Buy lots of large ziplock bags, a tub of wipes and a small fold up travel changing pad.

- I made up about 10 ziplock bags each containing a diaper and many wipes, then sealed each ziplock bag and put it in the diaper bag. Then pack a few loose diapers, a travel size case of wipes and toss it in the diaper bag.

- Change your kid just before boarding in a washroom. Most airport men's rooms have changing stations these days.

- Ask the Crew which lav has a changing table when you board. That makes things easier when you actually have to do the deed.

- When it's time to change the kid I found it helpful to discreetly leave his shirt on but take the pants off before heading back to the lav. Grab a ziplock bag and changing pad and head to the lav. Place your supplies on the sink console and take it from there. I found there was enough room in there to get the job done reasonably well (even a nasty diaper and a fidgety toddler). When you're finished put the used diaper and wipes in the ziplock bag, seal it up and throw it in the garbage bin. You'll survive...have a great flight!
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Thanks for the advise. Anyone know if there are diaper changing stations in the men's rooms at Boston Logan Terminal B?
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Don't count on changing tables. Bring a spare 'windbreaker' jacket that you can lay on the floor anywhere in a private space. And as mentioned, lots of zip-lock baggies so you can dispose of things. If bathrooms are disgusting, find a quiet place in the concourse and take care of business.
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Another top tip: buy a bum bag. Carry new nappies and wipes in it, and wear it wrong way round - over your belt buckle rather than over the base of your spine. Much easier to get to the stuff you need.

It's not that tricky. First nappy I did on a plane was my daughter's at 6 months. She pulled the classic trick of peeing between nappy off and nappy on. It became a complete change of clothes, and a nappy change. After that, everything on a plane with kids has seemed easy...
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