Traveling with ADHD Child

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Traveling with ADHD Child

My son (8 yr old) was diagnosed with ADHD a little less than a year ago. We plan to travel from Houston to Greece for a couple of weeks in September.

1. Does anyone have experience with managing ADHD medication timing during travel? I don't plan to give him his meds every day but during travel days and long flights I feel as though it'll be necessary. I'll give him one the day for the first flight but what's best for after that? We'll be traveling most of the first day and pretty much all of the second day.

2. When out in new/strange/busy places are there any tips that would help him stay focused (within reason. I'm not expecting miracles lol).

Any other ideas and tips for something like this?

Obviously it depends on the child and to an extent I know what he can handle and what he can't (and how to work with him when he can't handle something) but aside from a few trips to visit family this is his first big vacation.
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My children haven't been diagnosed with ADHD but I'll try to help where I can. You may want to search for how to adjust medication when traveling to a different timezone (or consult your doctor) but other than that, I'd make sure you just time things like you would with any child to avoid them getting overly hungry or tired which generally leads to worse behavior.

You know your child best, so try to choose activities that will interest him and just be flexible and allow plenty of time to relax and just explore Greece.
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