Toddler Car Seat

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Toddler Car Seat

I've searched the forum and cannot find posts that exactly fit our situation. A couple of months ago, I bought FC tickets for my daughter, son-in-law and 18 month granddaughter, with the confirmation from DL that they could use a car seat for her. Family boarded the flight and could not install the car seat, nor could the FAs, so they had to gate check the seat (it is an approved seat). Basically, the third seat went unused. I should have checked into this further at the time. Next month, I will be traveling from SEA to MSP with my daughter and granddaughter and I would like for all three of us to have our own seat. I have been assured by DL, once again, that approved car seats are indeed useable on flights. Has anyone had this experience? If you fly with toddlers, what kind of car seat do you use? I'm obviously a novice at traveling with little ones!
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What kind of car seat was it? Brand, model, etc. would be helpful.

Years ago, when my daughters were using car seats, we used an inexpensive, highly-rated seat that was about 16 inches wide and would fit easily in an economy seat, even in an RJ. These days, I see people using gigantic, wide seats that sometimes don't fit in a biz or first seat.
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Please continue to follow this thread as I move it to The Travel With Children Forum
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I cannot understand how any FAA-approved seat, no matter make or model, could not be installed in an F seat. There are certain equipment types that make for a tight fit in coach due to their narrow seats (i.e., 17"), but any DL mainline F seat should be plenty wide for even the largest of seats (like our Britax Marathon). Sounds to me like something odd transpired here. Were they, perchance, on a 747/777/767/757 with air-bag-equipped (i.e., international business class) seats up front? In that case they are not allowed.

Answering your question directly, though, we swear by the Cosco Scenera for plane travel. Exceptionally light and fits in every plane we've ever been in (and it's flown 'round the world many times on dozens of airlines).

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Toddler Car Seat

Seems odd. Should have been install-able via the lap belt installation method. Did they attempt a RF or FF install? (At 18 months, you could go either way)
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<snip>We swear by the Cosco Scenera for plane travel<snip>
Same here. Haven't found a seat it doesn't fit in (except for bulkhead seats with airbags where they aren't allowed, or non-forward-facing F seats where they aren't allowed). And it's lightweight. We use a "J.L. Childress Ultimate Car Seat Travel Bag" to carry it through the airport.
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@SamIAm, we have the same car seat bag - have used it for infant seat and now toddler seat. Since toddler seat weighs so much more, we've actually started putting car seat bag on small luggage cart (collapsible for onboard) to transport through airport.
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It sounds like they didn't know how to install the seat, is that right?

Can I recommend bringing the manual when you fly? It should have instructions on how to install the seat in a car with a lap belt--you should be able to use the same method. If you don't have the manual, it will be available for free download from the manufacturer's website.

(Tip: I always keep the carseat manual, in a waterproof ziploc bag, slipped between the hard seat and the cloth cover of the seat.)
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Follow-up questions:

- What is the brand/model of carseat?
- Domestic First Class or International First Class seats?
- Which aircraft?
- What happened on the return flight?

I've seen infant car seats in domestic F before. Installing is really no different than in a coach seat.

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Also, how did Delta "assure" you? They can say anything over the phone so be sure to put any questions of this nature to them by email. You can then print it up and bring it to the airport or include it in a complaint.

ITA with the others. We need more information to give you any useful feedback.
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I have two young kids and we travel quite a bit - all of it in First/Business Class. We bought the CARES harness (for kids 22lbs+) and the Sit'n'Stroll which is a child seat that also converts to a stroller. Both are FAA certified for use aboard a plane and although we primarily fly US Airways and American, both have worked perfectly in first class cabins on mainline as well as their affiliated Express carriers.

The Sit'n'Stroll manual does specify that sometimes a Seat Belt Extender may be necessary for installation and I do believe we used one recently so hopefully that wasn't their problem?
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Can a tray table be used with the Cosco Scenera? We bought on based on recommendations on this forum and used it on a couple flights last year. We really liked it for the same reasons stated above (lightweight, easy to install, etc). But my son was a baby then and we never tried using it with the tray table on those flights. We're going on a trip at the end of this year and he will be 2.5 and most likely want to be able to use the table. I want to fly with the seat but I've read elsewhere online that it's incompatible?
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Originally Posted by She View Post
Can a tray table be used with the Cosco Scenera?
Not in my experience, nor am I aware of any car seats that can be.
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Originally Posted by Erasmus View Post
Not in my experience, nor am I aware of any car seats that can be.
We have used a Diono Radian in economy (JetBlue) and could use the tray table. The tray table did rest on the sides of the seat, so the table was slightly angled but usable.
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We have a Radian so I guess we could bring that instead. It's just so.. heavy

Uh what to do what to do
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