Motion Passed: TalkBoard Term Limits

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Motion Passed: TalkBoard Term Limits

On 26 December 2011, the TalkBoard passed, 6-3:

Moved by nsx and seconded by SkiAdcock:

The TalkBoard recommends modifying the TalkBoard guidelines as follows:

Add a new paragraph 3.B.i.e.
e. TalkBoard members who are subject to the term limit defined in Section 3.D.i shall be ineligible to be candidates in the current year.

Revise paragraph 3.D.i
i. TalkBoard Member: The term of a TalkBoard member shall be two (2) years. There is no limit to the consecutive or cumulative number of terms to which a member may be re-elected. Five TalkBoard members shall be elected during odd numbered years and four TalkBoard members shall be elected during even numbered years. Term Limit: A FlyerTalk member is ineligible to be a candidate in the current TalkBoard election if by the end of the election period the member will have served on the TalkBoard more than three years out of the preceding four-year period.

Voting for: goalie, jackal, kokonutz, nsx, RichMSN, SkiAdcock

Voting against: bhatnasx, Cholula, Spiff
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