Change CC TOS


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Change CC TOS

An example;

The title nowhere near reflects the offer inside. This is due to the CC TOS.

Offers for a wide range of (un-) related items are merged.

This could be solved with a clarification of the rules (or also change of practice by moderators, but I assume we are not even allowed to suggest this?).

The problem is the interpretation of "similar". When you are forced to post in an old thread, or have your threads merged- then the title does not reflect the content. You are forced to PM/RBP the mods to change the title. But as the title change and your update of the post happens at different times, this is very confusing and I would say reader unfriendly.

In addition its not too clear how to deal with this as a poster. I have been told that using the RBP for this is abuse- while the info when using that function shows housecleaning and title changes

My request is for TB to review CC TOS and recommend a change to CD, and to clarify that posts on unrelated items are allowed. Its rather awkward when one has a long thread of 10 posts trading a RA cert for various hotel points, and then need to put a W: 1 hyatt night- in the end of that. Also if you delete all the old posts by edit, history will be lost.

This might also be a contribution to kokonutz proposal of making TB members step of mod role while acting TB. There will clearly be cases with conflict of interest, or call it hability.

Im sorry if I stir something up, but Im only interested in the userfriendliness of FT. That said Im afraid I know the response to this already.
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Your concerns regard moderation, something the TalkBoard has no purview over. I suggest you PM the Coupon Connection moderators with your suggestions.
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Spiff is right IMO. Please communicate with the respective board moderators.
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